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0:18 - Introduction 0:42 - Alana Describes Her Father's Family Background

Keywords: 1990s; family background; immigration; Kaunas, Lithuania; L.A.; LA; Los Angeles, California; migration; Minneapolis, Minnesota; namesake; naming; Santa Rosa, California; Shervint; Širvintos, Lithuania; U.S.; United States; US

5:11 - Alana Discusses Her Mother's Family Background

Keywords: chemists; family background; family tree; German Jewry; Lithuania; Lithuanian Jewry; Pleasanton, California; Poland; Polish Jewry; Romania; Romanian Jewry; Santa Rosa, California; scientists

7:01 - Alana Describes the Presence of Judaism and Music in Her Childhood Home

Keywords: Appalachian music; bluegrass music; Chanukah; childhood home; folk music; Friday night; Hanukkah; Hebrew language; high holidays; High Holy Days; Israel; Jewish identity; Jewish tradition; khanike; music; musicians; old-time music; Passover; Pesach; peysekh; religious observance; semi-rural area; Shabbat; Shabbos; shabes

12:56 - Alana Shares Stories about Her Paternal Grandmother

Keywords: Conservative Jewish youth movement; Conservative Judaism; family; Jewish culture; kosher home; Los Angeles, California; Minneapolis, Minnesota; paternal grandmother; redwoods; single mom; single mother

17:56 - Alana's Favorite Jewish Holiday, and Her Exposure to Yiddish Growing Up

Keywords: Hebrew school; Jewish holidays; Jewish music; klezmer music; redwood grove; redwoods; Rosh Hashanah; rosheshone; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning; yontef; yontev

21:26 - Alana Explains Her Return to Yiddish and What it Means to Her Today

Keywords: Bay Area; college; heritage; Jewish history; labor movements; multiculturalism; queer Yiddishkayt; queer Yiddishkeit; queer yidishkayt; queer yidishkeyt; roots; UC Berkeley; University of California, Berkeley; Yiddish history; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning; Yiddish speakers

29:16 - Alana Describes the Yiddish Book Center's Steiner Summer Yiddish Program

Keywords: musician; Steiner Program; Steiner Summer Yiddish Program; Yiddish Book Center; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning; Yiddish music; Yiddish poetry; Yiddish songs

35:46 - Alana's Experience of Yiddishkayt's Helix Program

Keywords: "Mayn rue plats (My resting place)"; Belarus; Eastern Europe; Eastern European history; family history; Helix Fellowship; Helix Program; heritage; Jewish historical sites; Jewish history; Jewish identity; klezmer music; Lithuania; Poland; Yiddish history; Yiddish music; Yiddishkayt LA; Yiddishkayt Los Angeles

44:20 - Alana's Vision for Her Relationship with Yiddish Going Forward 47:25 - Alana Talks about Reactions to Younger Generations Studying Yiddish 50:53 - Alana Discusses the Relationship Between Language and Jewish Identity

Keywords: books; Diaspora; historical linguistics; Jewish community; Jewish identity; Jewish languages; language; literacy; Yiddish language

55:28 - Alana Explains How Yiddish and Eastern Europe Fit into Her Own Sense of Identity 58:19 - Alana's Advice to Future Students of Yiddish