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0:18 - Introduction 0:39 - Esther Introduces Her Family's History before World War II

Keywords: anti-Semitism; antisemitism; brothers; death statistics; displaced persons camps; DP camps; Eastern European Jews; family background; family history; family stories; father; grandfather; grandmother; grandparents; Jewish ancestry; Kiev, Ukraine; military conscription; military service; mother; pogroms; Poland; Red Cross; remarriages; Russian Army; Soviet Union; stepfathers; USSR; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII; Yiddish language; Zolochiv, Ukraine

5:05 - Esther Describes Her and Her Mother's Journey from the DP Camps

Keywords: America; displaced persons camps; DP camps; economic opportunity; Goslar, Germany; Holocaust survivors; Holocaust trauma; husband; immigration visas; Jerusalem, Israel; Jewish identity; Jewish immigrants; marriage; mother; travel visas; U.S.; United States; US; weddings; wife; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII

10:30 - Resettling in the United States with Her Husband and Family

Keywords: American citizenship; bar mitzvahs; bar-mitsves; careers; carpenters; carpentry; childbirth; early education; English language; Germans; Hebrew education; Hebrew language; Hebrew schools; Hebrew teachers; husband; immigration aid; Jewish community; Jewish identity; Jewish immigrants; Jewish life; marriage; Newark, New Jersey; Orthodox Jews; patriotism; professions; professors; public schools; religious community; religious observance; resettlement; schuls; Shabbat; Shabbos; shabes; shuls; synagogues; U.S. citizens; United States citizens; US citizens; wife; Yiddish language

17:29 - Esther Discusses Visiting Her Ailing Mother in Israel

Keywords: careers; cataracts; caterers; childbirth; daughters; General Aluminum Making; grandchildren; grandmother; grief; health issues; Holocaust survivors; hospitals; husband; international travel; Jewish celebrations; Jewish events; marriage; medical procedures; mother; professions; stepfathers; Tel Aviv, Israel; vacations; wife

22:07 - Esther Shares Traumatic Family Stories from the War Years

Keywords: anti-Semitism; antisemitism; birth certificates; cemeteries; concentration camps; cousins; death camps; displaced persons camps; DP camps; family stories; genocide; German records; grandfather; gravestones; Holocaust survivors; Holocaust trauma; Jewish ancestry; Jewish villages; mass murder; mother; physical abuse; physical violence; Polish Jews; Polish townspeople; relatives; shtetels; shtetls; stepfathers; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII; zeydes

30:12 - Stories of Life in Europe before World War II

Keywords: anti-Semitism; antisemitism; discrimination; early education; Eastern European Jews; grandparents; Hebrew language; Hebrew prayers; Hebrew schools; Holocaust; immigration visas; Jewish community; Jewish culture; Jewish immigrants; midwifery; midwives; military conscription; military service; orchards; parents; peddlers; physical violence; pogroms; Polish Army; Polish Jews; private schools; private teachers; public schools; relatives; religious education; religious life; schuls; shuls; synagogues; travel visas; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII; Yiddish language

35:12 - Life in a Russian Orphanage and during the Holocaust

Keywords: Adolf Hitler; aid organizations; childhood memories; concentration camps; death camps; family legacy; father; generations; genocide; government documents; government records; grandchildren; grandfather; Holocaust survivors; husband; Israel; Jewish identity; Jewish orphanages; kibbutzim; loss of faith; mass murders; Mogn Dovid; mother; physical abuse; Red Cross; religious beliefs; religious observance; Russian orphanages; starvation; stepfathers; wife; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII; Yiddish language

42:08 - Esther Recalls Speaking Yiddish at Home with Her Mother

Keywords: Israel; Jewish identity; Jewish rituals; Jewish villages; kashres; kashrus; kashrut; kashruth; kosher homes; mother; Polish language; Polish townspeople; religious observance; religious skepticism; shtetels; shtetls; spoken Yiddish; stepfather; Yiddish language; Yiddish speakers

43:56 - Jewish Aid Organizations and Life in the DP Camps

Keywords: black market; childhood friends; cultural life; displaced persons camps; DP camps; Eastern European Jews; Germans; Holocaust survivors; hospitals; Jewish aid organizations; Jewish refugees; mother; parents; relief organizations; Russian Jews; stepfather; YIVO

50:15 - Esther Describes Her Wedding in the DP Camp

Keywords: Bergen-Belsen; black markets; chupahs; chuppahs; chuppas; concentration camps; death camps; displaced persons camps; DP camps; genocide; Germans; Holocaust survivors; huppahs; husband; Jewish celebrations; Jewish rituals; khupes; marriage; mass murders; mother; Nazi Party; Nazis; shidachs; shidduchs; shidekhs; shidukhs; stepfather; wedding dresses; wedding gowns; weddings; wife

58:15 - Esther Recalls Speaking Yiddish with Her Own Family

Keywords: children; daughters; displaced persons camps; DP camps; Holocaust survivors; Polish language; Russian language; spoken Yiddish; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddish poems; Yiddish songs; Yiddish speakers

60:20 - Esther Discusses Reuniting with Her Father Later in Life

Keywords: bakers; family deaths; father; funerals; Holocaust survivors; Jerusalem, Israel; Jewish immigrants; Jewish refugees; Joseph Stalin; Kiev, Ukraine; Lviv, Ukraine; military conscription; military service; mother; Orthodox Jews; remarriages; Russia; Russian Army; sister-in-law; Soviet Union; starvation; stepfather; train travel; USSR; weddings; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII

68:23 - Esther's First Impressions of Life in the United States

Keywords: America; bankers; careers; college professors; daughters; economic opportunity; Germany; grandchildren; husband; immigration; Israel; Israeli Defense Force; Israeli military; Jewish immigrants; Lakewood, New Jersey; lawyers; marriage; military service; mother; Orthodox Jews; professions; sons; teachers; U.S.; United States; US; wife

72:03 - Esther Shares How She Learned English in the United States

Keywords: black markets; bookkeepers; English language; family businesses; family stores; Germans; grandchildren; husband; language learning; Newark, New Jersey; Orthodox Jews; professors; religious beliefs; religious observance; wife

77:26 - Esther Discusses Passing Down Jewish Identity to Her Grandchildren

Keywords: bar mitzvahs; bar-mitsves; bat mitzvahs; bat-mitsves; blessings; Buchenwald; concentration camps; cultural transmission; death camps; family names; future generations; genocide; grandchildren; grandsons; Hebrew language; Hebrew names; Holocaust survivors; interfaith marriages; intermarriages; Jewish celebrations; Jewish faith; Jewish identity; Jewish rituals; Jewishness; mass murder; prayers; religious beliefs; religious observance; schuls; shuls; synagogues; Talmud; Tanakh; Torah; toyre; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language

84:31 - Closing Remarks on Yiddish Language and Jewish Identity

Keywords: cantorial choirs; cantorial music; cantors; childbirth; choral music; daughters; grandchildren; grandsons; Hebrew songs; Jewish faith; Jewish holidays; Jewish identity; Jewish traditions; Jewish values; Jewishness; motherhood; religious beliefs; religious observance; Rosh Hashanah; rosheshone; sons; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddish music; Yiddish phrases; Yiddish songs