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0:10 - Introduction 0:37 - Christa's Family Background and Growing Up in the Bay Area

Keywords: Bay Area; Berkeley, California; Boston area; Catholicism; education; family background; grandparents; Kensington, California; Lithuania; Massachusetts; multiculturalism; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII

4:20 - Christa's Family's Relationship to Religion and Education

Keywords: atheism; Boston area; Catholic education; Catholicism; childhood home; church; education; family; holidays; lapsed Catholics; literature; Quincy, Massachusetts; reading; religion; religious observance; Sunday school

9:08 - Christa Explains How She Came to Yiddish and Jewish Studies

Keywords: Abraham Sutzkever; Avrom Sutzkever; Comparative Literature; Hampshire College; high school; Holocaust literature; Jewish history; Jewish studies; Justin Cammy; Rachel Rubenstein; Smith College; translation; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII; Yiddish Book Center; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddish literature; Yiddish studies

17:36 - Christa Discusses Avrom Sutzkever's Poetry

Keywords: "A vogn shikh (A wagon of shoes)"; Abraham Sutzkever; Avrom Sutzkever; Jewish literature; nature poetry; T.S. Eliot; translation; Yiddish literature; Yiddish poetry

20:23 - Christa's Experience of Being a Non-Jewish Person in Yiddish Studies

Keywords: Aaron Lansky; dating; Jewish literature; Jewish studies; Justin Cammy; non-Jewish person; Palestinian person; relationships; Steiner summer program; Yiddish Book Center; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning; Yiddish literature; Yiddish studies

27:47 - Christa's Family's Reactions to Her Interest in Jewish Studies 31:13 - Christa Describes Her Experiences at the Vilnius Yiddish Institute

Keywords: accent; Fania Brantsovsky; Holocaust; Lithuania; Ponar; translation; travel; Vilna; Vilnius; Vilnius Yiddish Institute; Vilnius Yiddish Summer Program; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning

36:30 - Christa Talks about Her Work at the Yiddish Book Center

Keywords: career; family history; family stories; fellowship; grandmother; interviews; jobs; oral history; professions; Yiddish Book Center; Yiddish Book Center's Wexler Oral History Project; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language

41:05 - Christa's Relationship to Her Lithuanian Heritage 45:18 - Christa Recalls Intense Experiences While Traveling in Lithuania 57:10 - Christa's Final Reflections on Her Work at the Yiddish Book Center