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0:17 - Introduction 0:36 - Sonia Discusses Her Parents' Childhoods in Pilica (Piltz) and Warsaw, Poland

Keywords: badchan; badchen; badhan; batkhn (wedding entertainer); education; family background; family history; grandparents; left-handedness; marshelik (jester); namesake; Pilica, Poland; Pilitsa; Pilitz; Pilitza; Pilts; Piltz; school; shtetl (small town in Eastern Europe with a Jewish population); stepmother; Varshah; Varshava; Warsaw, Poland

8:00 - Sonia Shares the Story of Her Parents' Courtship and Marriage

Keywords: dating; dowry; family background; family history; father; Germany; immigration; marriage; migration; mother; parents; Pilica, Poland; Pilitsa; Pilitz; Pilitza; Pilts; Piltz; relationship; tailor; Varshah; Varshava; Warsaw, Poland

21:36 - Sonia Discusses Her Mother's Abortions and How She Came to Be Born

Keywords: "The Memoirs of a Sexologist: Discretion and Indiscretion"; abortion; Berlin, Germany; birth control; creative writing; Ludwig Levy Lenz; mother; parents; pregnancy; writer

25:56 - Sonia's Memories of Her Childhood in Berlin, Germany, and Her Family's Decision to Leave Europe

Keywords: 1930s; 1933; Adolf Hitler; anti-Semitism; antisemitism; Antwerp, Belgium; Berlin, Germany; brother; business owner; childhood; family; Hanomag (Hannoversche Maschinenbau AG); immigration; migration; Nazis; parents; refugees; robbery; Yiddish language; Yiddish speakers

33:57 - The Red Star Line Museum in Antwerp, Belgium and Sonia's Process of Learning More About Her Family's History

Keywords: anti-Semitism; antisemitism; Antwerp, Belgium; Archives of the City of Brussels; Brussels archives; Brussels, Belgium; childhood; family history; Forverts; Frank Caestecker; Hebrew name; immigration; Jewish history; Luc Verheyen; Masha Leon; migration; museum; Red Star Line Museum; refugees; Righteous Among the Nations; Robert de Foy; S.S. Western Land II; ship; The Jewish Daily Forward; The Yiddish Daily Forward; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII; Yad Vashem; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

51:35 - Sonia's Relationship with Her Parents During Her Childhood

Keywords: child-rearing; childhood; childhood home; cultural education; family; father; Germany; Jewish cuisine; Jewish food; kashres; kashrus; kashrut; kashruth; kosher; mother; nonreligious Jews; parenting; parents; Poland; Polish Jewry; Polish Jews; raising children; Rosh Hashanah; rosheshone; schul; shul; smuggler; synagogue; vegan; veganism; Yom Kippur

58:25 - Sonia Describes the Languages She Grew Up With

Keywords: 1970s; 2010s; Belgium; Brandeis University; childhood; English language; family; father; Flemish Language; German language; Germany; Gregory Dawson; mother; multilingualism; parents; Polish language; Russian language; Yiddish language

61:51 - Sonia's Parents' Attitude Towards Education

Keywords: 1940s; adult education; America; college; father; gender norms; gender roles; Germany; girl's education; law school; Long Beach; Long Island; marriage; misogyny; mother; New York; night school; North Miami Beach; parents; secretary; sexism; shtetel; shtetl; United States; university; values; women's education

65:26 - Sonia's Experiences Applying for Scholarships for College

Keywords: 1940s; adolescence; America; American education system; college; Cornell University; father; Hartwick College; high school; Jewish identity; Middletown; New York; Oneonta; parenting; representation; scholarship; teenage years; undergraduate education; United States; university

69:05 - "In My Bones It'll Say Jew": The Importance of Yiddish to Sonia as an Adult

Keywords: 1990s; atheist Jews; attitudes towards Yiddish; Congregation for Humanistic Judaism; Elizabeth Schwartz; England; future of Yiddish; Humanistic Judaism; International Association of Yiddish Clubs; Jewish Chorale; Jewish identity; Jewish music; Jewish studies; Judaism; Longboat Key; Mel Brooks; Orthodox Jews; Queen Mary and Westfield College; Queen Mary University of London; Sarasota; Temple Beth Key; women's rights; Yale Strom; Yiddish Book Center; Yiddish expressions; Yiddish language; Yiddish music; Yiddish Vinkl

75:26 - Sonia's Journey to Joining the United States Information Agency (USIA)

Keywords: 1970s; Charlottesville; EEOC; Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; Federal Executive Institute; Germany; National Organization for Women; NOW; Poland; United States Civil Service Commission; United States Information Agency; United States Office of Personnel Management; USIA; Virginia; Washington D.C.; Washington DC; Washington, D.C.; Washington, DC; women's rights

77:52 - Sonia's First Assignment with the USIA to France and Germany

Keywords: 1970s; anti-Semitism; antisemitism; Auschwitz concentration camp; Berlin; Dachau; Dachau concentration camp; East Berlin; France; Germany; Hebrew language; Holocaust; Holocaust denial; Holocaust survivor; Holocaust trauma; Kristallnacht; Munich; Nazis; Paris; post-Holocaust Germany; State of Israel; synagogue; torture; United States Information Agency; USIA; Yiddish language

85:40 - Sonia Describes Her Trip to Poland and Her Research on Her Family History There

Keywords: 1910s; anti-Semitism; antisemitism; Casimiria; Cracow; family history; genealogical research; immigration; Jewish-non-Jewish relations; Joachim Russek; Judaica Foundation; Judaica Foundation – Center For Jewish Culture; Kasimir; Kazimierz; Krakau; Krako; Krakow; Kraków; Kuzmir; migration; parents; Pilica; Pilitsa; Pilitz; Pilitza; Pilts; Piltz; Poland; Polish Jewry; Polish Jews; Rabbi Michael Schudrich

97:39 - Sonia's Desire to Preserve Her Parents' Lives and Values

Keywords: American Jewish Archives; author; bas mitzvah; bas-mitsve; bat mitzvah; bath mitzvah; Catskills; child-rearing; Cleveland; Cornell University; daughter; feminism; feminist activist; feminist Jews; immigrant families; immigration; lawyer; Maryland; memoir; memory; migration; Monticello; mother; National Organization for Women; NOW; Ohio; parent; parenting; Potomac; raising children; Woodridge; writer

106:09 - "Follow Your Passion": Sonia's Advice for Future Generations

Keywords: "South Pacific"; "The Matchmaker"; activist; advice; Asolo Repertory Theatre; divorce; eytse; intergenerational transmission of knowledge; lawyer; marriage; secretary; typist; women's rights