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0:00 - Introduction 0:39 - Annette Describes Her Family Background

Keywords: 1900s; 1910s; abortion; America; anarchism; anarchist Jews; Arbeter Ring; death; immigration; migration; mourning; Planned Parenthood; United States; Washington D.C.; Washington DC; Washington, D.C.; Washington, DC; Workman's Circle

3:51 - Annette's Father's Family's Immigration to America from Belarus

Keywords: 1910s; 1930s; America; Americanization; anti-Semitism; antisemitism; assimilation; Belarus; Belarusian Jews; Čerikov; Cherikov, Belarus; Cherykau; Cherykaw, Belarus; Czeryków; immigration; Leningrad; migration; pogroms; Russia; Russian Empire; Soviet Union; Tscherikow; Ukrainian Jews; United States; USSR; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII; Yiddish language

9:24 - Annette Describes Growing Up in the 1940s in Washington, D.C.

Keywords: 1940s; American housing policy; American Jewry; American Jews; anti-Semitism; antisemitism; English language; exclusionary covenant; housing discrimination; immigrants; Jewish communities; Jewish-non-Jewish relations; migrants; restrictive covenant; Russian Jews; segregation; Washington D.C.; Washington DC; Washington, D.C.; Washington, DC; Yiddish language

14:10 - The Political Influences in Annette's Family During Her Childhood

Keywords: 1940s; 1950s; Abraham Lincoln Brigade; American politics; anarchism; childhood; communism; communist Jews; humanism; McCarthy Era; McCarthyism; Second Red Scare; socialism; Spanish Civil War

18:05 - Food, Music, and Culture in Annette's Family and Community

Keywords: 1920s; attitudes about marriage; ideas about class; Jewish food; Jewish music; Russian food; shule (secular Yiddish school); social attitudes; social norms; socioeconomic class; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Young Poale Zion; Zionism; Zionist Jews

22:36 - The Story of How Annette's Parents Met 23:26 - Annette's Grandfather's Habit of Seeing Cowboy Movies on Shabbos 25:25 - The Place of Yiddish Newspapers and the Bintel Brief in Annette's Family

Keywords: "Bintel Brief"; "Der Tog"; "Forverts"; "The Day"; "The Forward"; "The Jewish Daily Forward"; "The Yiddish Daily Forward"; secret languages; Yiddish education; Yiddish language; Yiddish newspapers

28:14 - Annette's Favorite Holidays as a Child 30:50 - Annette's Memories of Jewish Food in Her Childhood Home 34:11 - The Relationship Between D.C.'s African-American and Jewish Communities

Keywords: American Jewry; American Jews; anti-Semitism; antisemitism; Jewish-non-Jewish relations; racism; Washington D.C.; Washington DC; Washington, D.C.; Washington, DC; Yiddish language

35:37 - Jewish Sororities and Fraternities in Annette's Community 37:03 - Annette's Memories of Life During World War II

Keywords: 1940s; 1950s; childhood; English language; Holocaust; Holocaust refugees; Israel; post-Holocaust attitudes; soldier; State of Israel; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII; Yiddish language; Yiddish speakers; Zionism; Zionist Jews; Zionists

41:23 - The Difficulties of Being Jewish in D.C.

Keywords: Americanization; anarchist Jews; anti-Semitism; antisemitism; civil rights; English language; franchise; Jewish anarchists; social worker; voting rights; Washington D.C.; Washington DC; Washington, D.C.; Washington, DC; Yiddish language; Yiddish literature

47:18 - Annette's Involvement in Her Maryland Jewish Community

Keywords: American Jews; American politics; Chasidim; Chassidim; Democratic Party; disability activism; Hasidim; Hassidim; Maryland; Orthodox Jews; Republican Party

50:05 - The Importance of Learning Yiddish to Keep Her Family's Memories 50:48 - The Determination of Women in Annette's Family

Keywords: activism; anarchism; anarchist Jews; challenges for immigrants; child-rearing; disability activism; discrimination; fundraising; immigrant families; immigration; Israel; Jewish women; language barrier; migration; motherhood; Na'amat; parenting; Pioneer Women; raising children; State of Israel; Zionism; Zionist Jews

54:21 - Annette Describes the Times When She Feels Most Jewish 56:17 - The Impact of Yiddish Movies on Annette 57:41 - Annette's Work at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Keywords: Holocaust; Holocaust commemoration; Holocaust history; Holocaust museums; Holocaust survivors; Jewish-non-Jewish relations; Nazism; neo-Nazis; skinheads; United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; USHMM

60:46 - The Place of Yiddish within Annette's Jewish Identity

Keywords: adult education; immigrant communities; immigration; Jewish identity; language learning; migration; Yiddish education; Yiddish language; Yiddish speakers

63:31 - Annette's Surprise and Happiness About the Growth of Yiddish Studies

Keywords: dying language; future of Yiddish; Holocaust; undergraduate education; Yiddish culture; Yiddish education; Yiddish language; Yiddish literature; Yiddish music; Yiddish poetry; Yiddish revival; Yiddish speakers

64:55 - Annette on the Importance of Institutional Memory 66:48 - Annette's Favorite Yiddish Saying