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0:00 - Introduction 0:35 - Jack's Family's Immigration to the US from Poland and Austria-Hungary

Keywords: 1910s; 1920s; Chasidic Jews; Chassidic Jews; Hasidic Jews; Hassidic Jews; immigration stories; immigration to the US; Jewish immigration; misnagdedim; misnagdim; misnaged; misnagid; mitnagdim; mitnagged; Polish Jews; Polish language; Russian language; Varshah; Varshava; Warsaw; Warszawa; World War 1; World War I; WW1; WWI; Yiddish language; Yiddish speakers

3:43 - Jack's Mother's Life in Warsaw

Keywords: Chasidic Jews; Chassidic Jews; city life; Eastern European Jewish immigration; economic challenges of immigration; fish seller; Hasidic Jews; Hassidic Jews; immigration; migration; Poland; Polish Jews; urban Jewry; Varshah; Varshava; Warsaw

7:11 - Jack's Upbringing in Yiddish-Speaking Homes in the Bronx

Keywords: American Jews; Bronx, New York; childhood; Coney Island; diversity; Jewish community; Jewish divorce; Jewish-Italian communities; Jewish-non-Jewish relations; Manhattan, New York; multilingual; multilingualism; New York; New York City; New York immigrant communities; non-Jewish-Jewish relations; remarriage in Jewish communities; Yiddish language; Yiddish speakers

11:37 - Jack Describes His Childhood and Life in Coney Island

Keywords: American Jews; beach; Brooklyn, New York; childhood; Coney Island; divorce in Jewish communities; divorce in Jewish families; Jewish families; New York; New York City; poverty

13:02 - Jack's Reflections on His Grandmother's Life and Wisdom

Keywords: 1920s; ancestral commemoration; cultural transmission; death; depression; grandmother; Hebrew school; intergenerational transmission; Jewish charity; Jewish education; Jewish families; Jewish grandparents; Jewish trauma; mental health; mental illness; mental illness in Jewish families; Polish Jews; religious Jews; Talmud Torah; trauma in Jewish communities; wisdom

16:51 - Jack's Identity as a Secular Jew and His Encounters with Anti-Semitism

Keywords: 1930s; 1940s; American Army; American Jews; anti-Semitism; anti-Semitism in America; antisemitism; Israel; Israel's affect on American Jews; Jewish identity; Jewish religious observance; Jewish soliders; secular Jews; State of Israel; U.S. Army; US Army

20:27 - Jack's Grandparents' Marriage and Home Life

Keywords: Jewish families; Jewish grandparents; Jewish marriages; Jewish religious observance; secular Jews; Yiddish language; Yiddish speakers

24:22 - Jack Reflects on Yiddish as a Foundation for Jewish Community

Keywords: childhood; Hebrew language; Jewish communities; Jewish education; Yiddish language; Yiddish speakers; Yiddish-speaking communities

26:25 - Global Trends in Socialism, Communism, and Fascism in the 1930s and 1940s

Keywords: 1930s; American communists; American Jews; anti-Semitism; antisemitism; communism; communist ideology; communist Jews; communist party; fascism; German–Soviet Nonaggression Pact; Hitler–Stalin Pact; ideologues; Jewish American communists; leftist Jews; Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact; Nazi German–Soviet Pact of Aggression; Nazi–Soviet Pact; New York City; political ideologies; socialism; Soviet Union; USSR; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII; Yiddish language; Yiddish speakers

32:43 - Jack's Experiences in His Family's Bicycle Shop in the East Bronx

Keywords: adolescence; American Jews; bicycle; bicycle shop; Bronx, New York; East Bronx; Irish community; Italian community; Jewish businesses; Jewish community; New York; New York City; teenage years

37:33 - Jack's Time in the US Infantry and Life as a Student and Veteran

Keywords: 1940s; academia; American Army; American educational policy; G.I. Bill; GI Bill; Jewish soliders; Jewish veterans; U.S. Army; U.S. Infantry; U.S. military; university education; US Army; US Infantry; US military; veteran; veteran education; Yale University

40:34 - Lessons from Jack's Grandmother on Charity

Keywords: family lessons; family morals; family stories; grandmother; intergenerational transmission; Jewish charity; Jewish morality

43:32 - Jack's Relationship with His Mother as His Supporter

Keywords: career; childhood; Jewish families; Jewish motherhood; Jewish mothers; lawyer; mother; parent; son; step-father; stepfather

46:30 - Grappling with Being Secular, Yiddish-Speaking, and Jewish in a Post-Holocaust World

Keywords: belief in God; communism; faith; God; Holocaust trauma; Jewish culture; Jewish education; Jewish identity; Jewish leftism; religious observance; secular Jews; secular Yiddish-speakers; socialism; women's rights; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddish speaker