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0:00 - Introduction 0:36 - Henri's Discusses His Family Background

Keywords: ancestry; dentist; family background; family history; France; heritage; intergenerational trauma; Kazakhstan; Lodz; Lodzsh; Paris; Polish Jews; roots; Siberia; writer; Łodz; Łódź, Poland

3:07 - Growing Up in a Left-Wing Jewish Family in Paris

Keywords: France; French Jews; intellectuals; Jewish cuisine; Jewish food; Jewish-non-Jewish relations; left-wing Jews; multicultural communities; multiculturalism; Paris; Polish Jews; teachers

8:59 - Henri Describes the Importance of His Grandmother's Culture 11:06 - Henri Discusses His Grandmother's Relationship with Poland

Keywords: bilingualism; French language; Holocaust; Joseph Stalin; multlingualism; Poland; Polish language; Russian culture; Russian language; World War 2; World War II; WW2; WWII

13:43 - Henri's Family's Occupations 15:01 - The Place of Music in Henri's Childhood 18:43 - Moving to Montreal and Joining the Klezmer Music Scene

Keywords: 1990s; Canada; France; French Jews; immigration; Jewish music; klezmer music; klezmer revivial; mathematician; mathematics; McGill University; migration; Montréal; music; Québec; Quebec

24:49 - Henri Discusses the Process of Creating His Album "Tur Malka"

Keywords: "Tur Malka"; composers; cultural preservation; Jewish music; klezmer music; musician; self-education; Yiddish culture; Yiddish education; Yiddish language; Yiddish music; Yiddish poetry; Yiddish songs; Yiddish theater; Yiddish theatre; Yiddishism; Yiddishists

37:38 - Henri's Experience Learning Yiddish 41:14 - Henri's Thoughts on Cultural Revival and the Popularity of Klezmer in Montréal

Keywords: 1990s; cultural preservation; cultural revival; historical preservation; history; Holocaust; Holocaust survivors; Klezmatics; klezmer music; klezmer revival; Montreal; preservation of culture; preservation of history; Yiddish language

48:10 - Henri Describes Relating to His Culture Through His Professional Work

Keywords: authenticity; cultural transmission; English language; French language; historical preservation; intergenerational transmission of culture; intergenerational trauma; Jewish identity; preserving history; transmitting culture

52:37 - The Evolution of the Montréal Jewish Music Scene 57:03 - The Impact of Playing Klezmer Music for Francophone Audiences 60:49 - The Decline of Yiddish as a Spoken Language

Keywords: attitudes towards Yiddish; Chasidic Yiddish; Chassidic Yiddish; dead languages; Hasidic Yiddish; Hassidic Yiddish; Jewish culture; post-vernacularity; Yiddish revival; Yiddsh language

62:59 - Henri's Desire to Promote the Understanding of Yiddish Culture 66:23 - Henri's Current Multimedia Work on His "Tur Malka" Project 70:02 - Henri's Perspective on the Need for Jews to Engage in Political Struggle 73:15 - Henri's Advice for Young Musicians