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0:18 - Introduction 0:40 - Jeff's Family Background

Keywords: family history; German Jews; Germany; Haverstraw, New York; Jewish music; Jewish wordless melodies; Latvia; native Yiddish speaker; niggun; niggunim; nign; nigun; nigunim; Orthodox Judaism; Poland; refugees; Rockland County

4:54 - Jeff Describes His Connection to Judaism, and the Role of Judaism in His Childhood

Keywords: anti-Semitism; antisemitism; Chanukah; childhood; culturally Jewish; German language; German speaker; Germany; Hanukkah; heritage; Jewish community; Jewish cultural connections; Jewish holidays; Jewish identity; Judaism; keeping kosher; khanike; Newton, Massachusetts; Passover; Pesach; peysekh; religious ovservance; roots; schul; seder; shul; spirituality; synagogue

14:58 - Jeff's Early Experiences with Music

Keywords: 1960s; accordion; American folk music; Blau-Weiss; German Jewish youth movement; guitar; harmonica; lute guitar; mandolin; music; musical education; musicians; singer; singing; trumpet; ukulele; Zionist German hiking group

17:53 - Jeff Explains Why He Went to the New England Conservatory

Keywords: 1980s; bluegrass; Contemporary Improvisation program; country music; folk music; guitar player; guitar teacher; Hankus Netsky; Jewbilly; klezmer music; musician; New England Conservatory; singer; singing; Sleepy LaBeef; The Klezmer Conservatory Band; Third Stream program; United Service Organizations; USO

26:48 - Jeff Speaks to How He Became Interested in Yiddish Song and Began Learning Yiddish

Keywords: 1980s; Boston, Massachusetts; Columbia YIVO program; New England Conservatory; Oxford summer program; singer; singing; Tufts University; Yiddish education; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning; Yiddish song; Yiddish speakers

31:26 - Jeff Shares the Story of His Courtship with His Now-Wife, Deborah Strauss

Keywords: 1990s; courtship; Deborah Strauss; ethnomusicology; Henry Sapoznik; Jewish Culture Festival in Kraków; KlezKamp; love; marriage; University of Chicago; violinist

35:59 - Jeff Talks about His Musical Collaborations with Deborah

Keywords: Arbeter Ring; couple; Klezmer Conservatory Band; marriage; musical duo; musicians; relationship; singer; singing; violin teacher; Workmen's Circle; Yiddish dance teacher

38:53 - Jeff on the Klezmer Revival Movement in the 1980s and His Relationship to Jewish Music

Keywords: 1980s; Boston, Massachusetts; Diaspora; exile; goles; heritage; Jewish liturgy; KlezKamp; Klezmer Conservatory Band; klezmer revival; musician; National Yiddish Book Center; prayer; roots; Yiddish music

44:33 - Jeff Explains What Drew Him to Pursue Cantorial Studies

Keywords: cantor; cantorate; cantorial school; career; daven; Jewish liturgy; musician; prayer; schul; shul; synagogue; teacher; teaching; touring

48:37 - Jeff Reflects on His Place in the Klezmer Scene and His Hope to Bridge Gaps between Different Aspects of Jewish Culture through Music

Keywords: 1990s; educator; Europe; former Soviet Union; Germany; guitar player; Hebrew Aramaic language; Hebrew language; Holland; Jewish Culture Festival in Kraków; Jewish-non-Jewish relations; KlezKamp; KlezKanada; klezmer instrumental music; klezmer music; klezmer musician; mandolin player; Poland; reinvention; religious singing; religious song; Shura Lipovsky; singer; singing; teacher; teaching; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddish singing; Yiddish song; Zalmen Mlotek

57:07 - Jeff's Advice to Future Generations of Musicians, Yiddishists, Activists

Keywords: advice; heritage; Jewish melodies; klezmer music; music; musician; niggun; niggunim; nign; nigun; nigunim; roots; tradition; zmires (Shabbos hymns sung at the table)