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0:18 - Introduction 0:40 - Adrienne Outlines Her Family Background

Keywords: Chicago, Illinois; Eastern European Jewry; Eastern European Jews; Golden Land; goldene medine; Hamilton, Ontario; immigration; Lithuania; migration; Oakland, California; P'atigorsk; Piatigorsk; Pjatigorsk; Poland; Pyatigorsk; Rogachyov, Russia; Rohachiv, Ukraine

1:19 - Adrienne Describes Her Childhood in Oakland, California

Keywords: Bay Area; childhood; Conservative Judaism; Golden Land; goldene medine; Hebrew school; Hebrew singer; Jewish community; Jewish identity; Jewish literacy; Jewish singer; kosher home; Oakland, California; Orthodox Judaism; schul; shul; singer; singing; social justice; socialist zionist; synagogue; Yiddish singer; Young Judaea; zionism

5:09 - Adrienne Discusses Her Academic and Political University Experiences, from University of California, Berkeley to Hebrew University in Israel

Keywords: 1960s; anti-Vietnam War activism; anti-war activism; Hebrew University; history major; Israel; Oakland, California; radical politics; Rubin Academy of Music; Six Day War; two-state solution; UC Berkeley; University of California, Berkeley

9:21 - Adrienne Explains Why She Left Israel, and the Musical Theater that She Performed at the Rubin Academy of Music

Keywords: Arieh Sachs; Hebrew University; Israel; music; musical theater; musical theatre; musician; PhD; Rubin Academy of Music; U.S.; United States; University of Chicago; US

11:06 - Adrienne's Graduate Studies at the University of Chicago and Her Introduction to Yiddish Studies and YIVO

Keywords: Arcadius Kahan; Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett; Benjamin Harshav; Benjamin Hrushovski; Columbia University; David Roskies; Eastern European Jewish history; Ezra Mendelsohn; graduate program; graduate school; Jewish Theological Seminary; JTS; Khone Shmeruk; Max Weinreich Center; Mikhl Herzog; multilingualism; Ph.D.; PhD; University of Chicago; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning; Yiddish literature; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

17:44 - Working and Teaching Song at YIVO, and Adrienne's Mentors in the Field

Keywords: "Partisans of Vilna"; Andy Statman; career; classical music; Columbia University; Henry Sapoznik; Jewish music; Josh Waletzky; Joshua Waletzky; Lazar Weiner; Max Weinreich Center; mentorship; Michael Alpert; musical collaborations; New York City, New York; Paula Teitelbaum; Perl Teitelbaum; Sam Norich; singing; song; teacher; teaching; Volf Yunin; Wolf Younin; Wolf Yunin; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research; YIVO summer program; Zalmen Mlotek

25:05 - Adrienne Describes the Community Musicians and Researches with Whom She Worked 27:56 - Adrienne Describes How KlezKamp Came to Be

Keywords: "Ale brider [All brothers]"; "Shnirele perele [String of pearls]"; Alicia Svigals; Ellie Kellman; Henry Sapoznik; KlezKamp: The Yiddish Folk Arts Program; Klezmatics; Lawrence Glamberg; music; musician; Yiddish music; Yiddish singing; Yiddish song; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research; YIVO summer program

33:01 - Adrienne's Involvement in the Yiddish Theater

Keywords: "A Winter's Tale"; "Songs of Paradise"; "The Memoirs of Glückel of Hameln"; Astor Place Theatre; Bronx, New York; Frank London; Great Small Works THeater; Itzik Manger; Jenny Romaine; La Mama Theater Annex; Miriam Hoffman; music; musician; Riverdale, New York; The Public Theater; Yiddish theater; Yiddish theatre

36:11 - Adrienne Explains How She Became Involved with the Workmen's Circle and Describes Her Political Activism at the Time

Keywords: Arbeter Ring; Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett; career; Center for Cultural Jewish Life; Jews for Racial and Economic Justice; klezmer music; Museum of Chinese in America; music; musician; political activism; work; Workmen's Circle; Yiddish singing; Yiddish song

39:26 - Adrienne Speaks to How Becoming a Mother Affected Her Relationship to Yiddish and Yiddish Culture

Keywords: daughter; heritage; KlezKamp; motherhood; musician; parenthood; roots; Sarah Gordon; Yiddish language; Yiddish music; Yiddish school; Yiddish singing; Yiddish song; Yiddish speaker; Yiddishists; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

44:47 - Adrienne Discusses Her Experiences Collaborating with Her Daughter

Keywords: "Enchanted"; "Remember the Children"; CD; daughter; intergenerational relationships; Jewish identity; mother; mother-daughter relationship; musical collaboration; musician; Sarah Gordon; U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum; US Holocaust Memorial Museum; Yiddish culture; Yiddish language; Yiddish singing; Yiddish songs; Yiddishkayt

50:41 - "An Enormous Opportunity for People to Understand Themselves": Why People are Drawn to Yiddish Culture Today

Keywords: family history; heritage; Jewish community; Jewish identity; roots; Yiddish culture; Yiddishkayt; Yiddishkeit; yidishkayt; yidishkeyt

55:37 - Adrienne's Experience Being a Mentor 57:57 - Adrienne Talks about the Experience of Teaching Yiddish Song in the Former Soviet Union

Keywords: American Jewish World Service; former Soviet Union; Kiev; Moscow; singing; St. Petersbug; teaching; Yidddish songs; Yiddish singing; Yiddish songs; Yiddish teachers; Zalmen Mlotek

64:11 - Adrienne's Message to Future Generations