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0:18 - Introduction 0:41 - Benjy Discusses His Family Background, from Europe to California

Keywords: America; Chasidic Jews; Chassidic Jews; Cracow; Dortmund, Germany; education; family background; Galicia; German language; Hasidic Jews; Hassidic Jews; immigration; Israel; Krako; Kraków, Poland; L.A.; LA; Los Angeles; Lwów, Poland; migration; Orthodox Judaism; Ostjuden; Palestine; Polish language; secular education; traditional religious education; U.S.; United States; Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York; US; Vienna, Austria; Yiddish language

8:11 - Benjy Describes His Childhood in Los Angeles

Keywords: 1980s; Brandeis-Bardin Institute; Camp Alonim; childhood; Conservative Judaism; education; Hebrew language; Hebrew learning; Israeli folk dance; Jewish summer camp; kosher; L.A.; LA; Los Angeles, California; minyan; minyen; Shabbat; Shabbos; shabes; Solomon Schechter day school

14:10 - Benjy Explains How He Got into Music and Outlines the Evolution of His Early Relationship with Instruments 17:05 - Benjy's Early Experiences with Klezmer

Keywords: bar mitzvahs; bar-mitsves; Brandeis-Bardin Institute; Camp Alonim; klezmer band; klezmer music; musician; New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars; The Klezmatics

18:48 - The Development of Benjy's Musical Career and His Budding Interest in Yiddish

Keywords: Balkan music; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Jake Shulman-Ment; jazz; Jeff Perlman; klezmer music; Luminescent Orchestrii; Moishe Oysher; Mordecai Gebirtig; Mordechai Gebirtig; Mordkhe Gebirtig; musician; New York City, New York; Pete Rushefsky; Spanish language; The New School; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning

27:03 - Benjy's Earlier Exposure to Yiddish, His Experience Learning Yiddish, and His Involvement with KlezKamp

Keywords: Arbeter Ring; Balkan music; klezmer music; Lorin Sklamberg; Luminescent Orchestrii; Mordecai Gebirtig; Mordechai Gebirtig; Mordkhe Gebirtig; Pete Rushefsky; translation; Workmen's Circle; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning; Yiddish speaking

33:01 - The Evolution of Benjy's Career from His First Yiddish Concert to Today

Keywords: Adrienne Cooper; Jewish music; KlezKamp; KlezKanada; klezmer music; Michael Winograd; Mordecai Gebirtig; Mordechai Gebirtig; Mordkhe Gebirtig; musician; Yiddish language; Yiddish music

37:28 - Benjy Explains the Nuances of His Identity as a Klezmer 42:09 - Benjy Discusses Teaching at KlezKamp After Only Four Years of Playing Klezmer 46:23 - Benjy Discusses the New Klezmer Music that Is Being Created Today 47:23 - The Audience for Benjy's Music, and European Reception of It 50:44 - Benjy Discusses His Future Plans

Keywords: cantorial music; composition; education; Mordecai Gebirtig; Mordechai Gebirtig; Mordkhe Gebirtig; musician; religion davening; Shabbat; Shabbos; shabes; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning; Yiddish speaker; Yiddish speaking; Yiddish teaching

55:47 - Benjy's Advice to People Getting into the Klezmer Scene