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Steven Spielberg

Steven ‘Shmuel’ Spielberg’s epic contribution to Yiddish culture

According to The Forward, for readers of Yiddish books, Spielberg’s special birthday is an opportunity to highlight another great contribution of his.

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Young, Gifted and Yiddish

A portfolio of young Yiddish writers who helped shape modern Yiddish literature

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Fartaytsht un farbesert: Yiddish in Translation

A collection of interview highlights that illustrate many experiences of translating

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Two open Yiddish dictionaries, laying on top of each other

Weekly Reader The Work of Translation is Essential

February 13, 2022 - As much as the work of translation is essential, however, it often goes unacknowledged and unappreciated. Here are a few pieces that help to rectify that.

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A photograph of Yiddish books on a bookshelf

1000 Essential Yiddish Books

A guide to the 1000 most essential Yiddish books in our collection

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January 2022: Handpicked

Susan Bronson is the Executive Director of the Yiddish Book Center. After delving into her selections, scroll down to read a short interview with Susan about her choices.

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Stories of Exile graphic

"Stories of Exile" Reading Groups for Public Libraries 2023

A reading and discussion program to engage teens and adults in thinking about experiences of displacement, migration, and diaspora.

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Illustration black and white, a mother holds a baby.

Weekly Reader Mother's Day

May 8, 2022 - We say that our collections here at the Yiddish Book Center are chock-a-block with mother-centric material.

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August 2020: Handpicked

Sophia Shoulson is an alumna of several Yiddish Book Center programs and was the Center's 2019–2020 Richard S. Herman Fellow. After delving into her selections, scroll down to read a short interview with Sophia about her choices.

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A portrait of the Yiddish poet Rokhl Korn by Bialystok-born artist Benn, from her book <em>Af der sharf fun a rege</em>.

Destined to Create

What produced the poetic impulse in her as a child, and what gives rise to a poet in any era? The Yiddish poet Rokhl Korn offers a deeply personal answer.

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Translating the World

Yiddish translation in the nineteenth century and beyond

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2019 Pakn Treger Digital Translation Issue

A collection of newly translated Yiddish letters and writing about correspondence

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A selection of Musterverk spines

Musterverk fun der yidisher literatur (Masterworks of Yiddish Literature) Now Accessible

The 100-volume has been digitized and added to the Steven Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library

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