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Svetlana Kundish


Part of Yiddish Book Center's Wexler Oral History Project

Voices from the Vault: Yiddish Writers Speak Again

Unlocking a treasure trove of recordings of Yiddish writers

Part of Pakn Treger articles

Help us preserve and protect the countless Ukrainian Yiddish titles in our keeping

Help us safeguard the Jewish heritage that flourished in Ukraine for a thousand years, and to do all we can to make sure it’s neither obliterated nor forgotten.

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Weekly Reader National Poetry Month

A range of Yiddish poetry

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Help us Finish Our Transformational Yiddish Textbook

Help us complete our new Yiddish textbook with the creation of Hesofe: an Online Supplement that will make audio and video selections and interactive exercises an essential part of every lesson.

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2018 Pakn Treger Translation Issue

A collection of newly translated Yiddish works centered around travel, movement, and migration

Part of Pakn Treger articles

The Brothers Ashkenazi: Reading Resources

The first selection for the 2018 Great Jewish Books Book Club

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Muserverk volumes on the shelf

Musṭerṿerḳ fun der yidisher liṭeraṭur

A full list of the Musṭerṿerḳ fun der yidisher liṭeraṭur

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Four Theses on Translating Yiddish Literature in the 21st Century

Four Theses on Translating Yiddish Literature in the 21st Century

Part of Pakn Treger articles

A selection of Musterverk spines

Musterverk fun der yidisher literatur (Masterworks of Yiddish Literature) Now Accessible

The 100-volume has been digitized and added to the Steven Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library

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Weekly Reader Yiddish Coney Island

Diving beneath the surface of this favorite summer getaway

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Carol and Earle Halsband

Delving into the “soul and heart” of Yiddish

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Jewish Neighborhoods: Montreal

Stories of Jewish life in Montreal, from Our Wexler Oral History Project Collection

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Celebrating Yiddish Poetry

Items by and about Yiddish poets and poetry from our collections.

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Show of hands: "Who is not a native Yiddish speaker?"

Mobilization: Reporter John Marchese listens in as 96 people lay plans for the future of Yiddish translation

In facing those vast shelves of untranslated works, many questions arise. With the last of the native speakers dwindling in number, who will take on the task of translating those works? How can consensus be reached on important books that deserve...

Part of Pakn Treger articles

Kaganovski: Two Sketches

Two sketches by Yiddish novelist and prose writer Froyim Kaganovski, one of interwar Poland’s most prominent writers.

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Map of Ukraine. There are dots marking towns where major Yiddish writers were born/lived/worked.

Yiddish Writers From Ukraine

Map and list of Yiddish writers connected to Ukraine

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Revealed After 100 Years: Abel Pann’s Showpiece Portrait

A portrait sketch unseen for a century emerges from a closet and reveals the friendships that brought together an illustrious group of Russian Jewish emigres in the Bronx. [Posted October 6, 2020]

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Yiddish Illustrations: "From Chagall to Diego Rivera"

Explore Yiddish Book Center Bibliographer David Mazower's top ten Yiddish illustrated books.

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Two men with glasses from different times. Two authors.

Sutzkever Essential Prose: Reading Resources

The fifth selection for the 2022 Great Jewish Books Club

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