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Revealed After 100 Years: Abel Pann’s Showpiece Portrait

A portrait sketch unseen for a century emerges from a closet and reveals the friendships that brought together an illustrious group of Russian Jewish emigres in the Bronx. [Posted October 6, 2020]

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Yiddish Illustrations: "From Chagall to Diego Rivera"

Explore Yiddish Book Center Bibliographer David Mazower's top ten Yiddish illustrated books.

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Map of Ukraine. There are dots marking towns where major Yiddish writers were born/lived/worked.

Yiddish Writers From Ukraine

Map and list of Yiddish writers connected to Ukraine

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On the Landing: Stories by Yenta Mash: Reading Resources

The second selection for the 2021 Great Jewish Books Book Club

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Yiddish Writer Chava Rosenfarb in London in the 1940s

Survivors: Reading Resources

Chava Rosenfarb was one of the most important post-War Yiddish authors. Learn about her life and work and hear her tell her own story

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August 2020: Handpicked

Sophia Shoulson is an alumna of several Yiddish Book Center programs and was the Center's 2019–2020 Richard S. Herman Fellow. After delving into her selections, scroll down to read a short interview with Sophia about her choices.

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Two men with glasses from different times. Two authors.

Sutzkever Essential Prose: Reading Resources

The fifth selection for the 2022 Great Jewish Books Club

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September 2020: Handpicked

David is the Yiddish Book Center's bibliographer and editorial director. After delving into his selections, scroll down to read a short interview with David about his choices.

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The Wedding in Föhrenwald

An excerpt from Scene Five by H. Leyvik, translated by Motl Didner

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King Solomon, Etching by Ephraim Moses Lilien

Solomon and Shulamite

Two miniatures by Boris Sandler imaging the later years of the subjects of the Song of Songs, translated by Jordan Kutzik.

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martsepanes vocabulary illustration


A short poem by Kadia Molodowsky

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A selection of Musterverk spines

Annotated Guide to the Musterverk Series

An introductory Essay by Rachelle Grossman and a Guide to Works in Our Collections

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Teach Great Jewish Books Honor Roll

Donors who are helping bring Yiddish and modern Jewish literature to high school students across the continent

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Yiddish Women Playwrights Festival

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Sunday in the Park with Bertha

Behind a snapshot of Yiddish writers in a New York park lies a saga of friendships, rivalries, and romance, as well as the story of modern Yiddish poetry in America. [Posted June 8, 2020]

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"The Blind Man"

A village parable from the often-political writer Itsik Kipnis, translated by Joshua Snider. Illustration from this story, as published in the volume A ber iz gefloygn (A Bear Took Flight).

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Capture Oral Histories in Yiddish—Before It's Too Late

An all-out drive to capture oral history interviews from the last Yiddish-speaking Jews from Eastern Europe

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April 2020: Handpicked

Abigail is a 2019–2020 Yiddish Book Center Fellow. After delving into her selections, scroll down to read a short interview with Abigail about her choices.

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Find Yizkor Books

Browse the collection by country/region or by city/town, listed in alphabetical order

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Emergency Book Rescue Honor Roll

Thanks to the generosity of these donors, we are able to recover rare Yiddish volumes from around the world.

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