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Celebrating Yiddish Women Writers

Items from our collections highlighting the voices of Yiddish women writers

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Online Lecture Series: Suggested Readings

A list of recommended readings for each online lecture

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Women Poets and Writers

Though sometimes less well known, women have been writing in Yiddish from the sixteenth up through the twentieth century

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The Yiddish poet Ezra Korman in suit and bowtie, standing on a tree-lined avenue in Detroit, 1946

The Signs and Symbols of Ezra Korman, Detroit's Soulful Yiddish Poet

The life and afterlife of a little-known writer

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About "Coming to America" Reading Groups for Public Libraries

A reading and discussion program to engage teens and adults in thinking about immigrants' experience coming to America.

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Help Us Share Our Unique History, Conscience, and Literature with Students Everywhere

With your support, we’ll help teachers at schools around the world introduce Yiddish and modern Jewish literature into their curricula.

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February 2017: Handpicked

Faith Jones knows our collections as well as anyone. Here are a few of her favorite finds.

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Why a Goat?

It's a question we're asked a lot: why is the klor vays tsigele—the small white goat—the symbol of the Yiddish Book Center?

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Program Activities

Tentative schedule and sample reading list

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What's Love Got to Do With It?

How changing Jewish gender roles and sexual mores in the modern era were reflected in the literature

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Jacob and Estelle Apelberg

Coming back to Yiddish

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An image of Yiddish text displayed on a computer

How to Find the Yiddish Story You’re Looking For

It's now possible to search the contents of many Yiddish books. A guide to making the most of this feature

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"To a Fellow Writer" and "Shloyme Mikhoels"

Two poems, inspired by revered Yiddish artists who were themselves friends of the poet, Rokhl Korn. Translated by Seymour Levitan. Illustration from the volume of poetry Af der sharf fun a rege (The Cutting Edge of the Moment).

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A Sampling of Our Yiddish Textbook's Online Supplement

Supplemental Exercises from Chapter Two of the upcoming Yiddish Textbook's Online Supplement

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Student photographs a copy of the alef-beys, the Yiddish alphabet, with her phone.

Resources for Before and After Your Visit

Materials to help you prepare for and complete your visit to the Yiddish Book Center

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1861 etching of train departure

Among Strangers

All his thinking finally led him to a clear decision: he had to leave Golodovke.

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Portrait by John Sibilski

Considering Yiddish Theater: Past, Present, Future

A conversation with Joel Berkowitz, America's foremost historian and observer of Yiddish theater

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Magical Thinking: Isaac Bashevis Singer’s novel, The Magician of Lublin with Anita Norich

In this talk, Professor Anita Norich explores the questions posed in Isaac Bashevis Singer's novel The Magician of Lublin about sin, evil, faith, and the choices available to Jews living in the modern world.

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Letters to the Editor

Readers' memories of Yiddish theater, inspired by the Summer 2014 issue of Pakn Treger

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Yiddish Children's Literature

The Noah Cotsen Library of Yiddish Children's Literature comprises 800 titles, including works by major Yiddish writers and Yiddish translations of classics.

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