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From the Vilna Ghetto to Nuremberg: Sutzkever's Holocaust Chronicles with Justin Cammy

Professor Cammy discusses his translation of Abraham Sutzkever's memoir, which Sutzkever's two years in the Vilna Ghetto.

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Avi Hoffman

Avi Hoffman, actor, was interviewed by Christa Whitney on March 12, 2013 in Boca Raton, Florida. He grew up in the Bronx, part of a group of Yiddishist families who raised their children surrounded by Yiddish language and culture. His father survived...


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Ze'ev Tsanin

Ze'ev Tsanin, son of Yiddish writer, journalist, and activist Mordkhe Tsanin, was interviewed by Christa Whitney on June 18, 2014 in Tel Aviv, Israel. David's father grew up in a rural area of Poland and was a member of the Bund. His mother was also ...


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Shimon Alperovitch

Shimon Alperovitch, z"l, co-president of the Lithuanian Jewish Community, was interviewed by Christa Whitney on July 31, 2012 in Vilnius, Lithuania. This interview is entirely in Yiddish. Shimon Alperovitch was born in Vilna (Vilnius) in 1928, duri...


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Memories of Chaim Grade, Avrom Sutzkever, and Itzik Manger

Benjamin (Binyomen) Harshav, z"l, professor emeritus at Yale University, remembers how his father taught writers Chaim Grade and Avrom Sutzkever Jewish history—and recounts an infamous story about Itzik Manger.

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New in Translation: Sutzkever Essential Prose

Part of The Shmooze Podcast Series

Sutzkever Essential Prose

A new translation from the Yiddish Book Center's White Goat Press

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Reel-to-reel tape and box index

Sutzkever recites 13 poems

An archival recording of a Sutzkever reading

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An illustration of the Yiddish poet Avrom Sutzkever (Abraham Sutzkever)

Vilner gedenken: Avrom Sutzkever in Focus

Avrom Sutzkever was the definitive Yiddish poet of the post-Holocaust era and a near-mythic national hero. In these recordings from the Jewish Public Library in Montreal, a more intimate image of Sutzkever emerges.

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Sutskever leyent 13 lider / Sutzkever recites 13 poems

From the Yiddish Book Center's Frances Brandt Online Yiddish Audio Library (in Yiddish)

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Sutzkever Essential Prose Book Launch, with Translator Zackary Sholem Berger and Scholar Justin Cammy

In this presentation, Berger will read from his translation, and scholar Justin Cammy will discuss the book's and Sutzkever's significance in Yiddish literature.

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Avrom Sutzkever on Poetry and Partisan Life

Avrom Sutzkever on poetry and partisan Life

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Sutzkever Essential Prose

A newly translated collection of prose from Avrom Sutzkever, translated by Zackary Sholem Berger

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Lider fun geṭo by Avrom Sutzkever

From the Yiddish Book Center's Steven Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library

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Ver Vet Blaybn? (Who Will Remain?) film poster - cropped

Ver Vet Blaybn? (Who Will Remain?) (A Film)

A new feature-length documentary film from the Yiddish Book Center’s Wexler Oral History Project follows one woman’s journey to understand her grandfather, the Yiddish writer Avrom Sutzkever.

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Portrait of Abraham Sutzkever from the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research archives

Last Star in the Night

In memory of Abraham Sutzkever, 1913-2010

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My Parents Might Not Be Admitted into Canada Today: Partisans As Irregular Combatants

Rivka Augenfeld, native Yiddish speaker and active member of the Montreal Jewish community, reflects on her parents' role as partisans during World War Two, and the way governments today approach those with similar backgrounds.

Part of Yiddish Book Center's Wexler Oral History Project Excerpts

Can You Be a Yiddishist Without Teaching Your Kids Yiddish?

Paul (Hershl) Glasser - Forverts columnist and former Dean of the Max Weinreich Center at YIVO - reflects on the numerous Yiddishists who did not pass Yiddish on to their children.

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Ver Vet Blaybn? (Who Will Remain?), a feature-length documentary film

Catch the award-winning film about Yiddish writer Avrom Sutzkever at upcoming film festivals in Boston, Tel Aviv, and San Diego

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“What Culture War?": Yiddish and Hebrew As Part of the Same Modernization Project

Ken (Binyomen) Moss—director of Jewish Studies Program and Assistant Professor in Modern Jewish History at Johns Hopkins University—explains why he does not subscribe to the "culture war" between Yiddish and Hebrew, arguing that speakers of both lang...

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