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The Strike of the Vilne Street-Walkers

An excerpt from Vilne mayn Vilne by Avrom Karpinovitsh, translated by Shimon Joffe

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Simkhele Shoykhet

An excerpt from Shtot un shtetl, by Sarah Hamer-Jacklyn, translated by Allison Posner

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A ship approaches Ellis Island.

Hometown to Treyf Ground

By Chone Gottesfeld, translated by Sophia Shoulson. "The train left my shtetl. The farther it went, the faster it moved . . ."

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A Room Named Ruth

A Cuban-born anthropologist seeks her lost Jewish home.

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“An Open Letter” and “An Answer to Mr. Lilienblum”

by Moyshe Leyb Lilienblum and Avrom Kunin, translated by Ruth Murphy

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Yiddish writer Joseph Opatoshu lounging on a fur rug

"Mr. Friedkin and Shoshana: Wandering Souls on the Lower East Side"

Joseph Opatoshu's take on the tormented personal life of a young Hebrew teacher in New York. Translated by Shulamith Berger.

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Happy New Year

By Sholem Aleichem, translated by Curt Leviant. In a "shtetl on wheels," a traveler relates a humorous tale about the plight of Jews in the Russian Empire

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Path of Gold, by Jonas Lie

Vrastata Trasmata!

By Jonah Rosenfeld, translated by Rachel Mines. "A new immigrant can get some pretty crazy ideas!"

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Erev shabes on a New York Trolley

By Joseph Opatoshu, translated by Shulamith Berger. A young Hebrew teacher in Jewish New York.

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Adventures of a Bad Researcher: The Mystery of the Last Yiddish Linotype

The Yiddish Linotype at the Yiddish Book Center, once belonging to the Forverts newspaper, begs all kinds of questions about its past.

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line drawing of woman in street

Black Leyke

“The whole thing got started because Siomke Kagan, the reporter for the Vilner tog newspaper, went to war with Sophianikes Street.” A short story by Abraham Karpinowitz. Translated by Helen Mintz.

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