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Help Us Publish Never-Before-Translated Works of Yiddish Literature

With your support, we will create our own Yiddish Book Center publishing house dedicated specifically to Yiddish literature in translation.

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General Meeting of the Kibbutz and Members of the Bialystok Movement, Bialystok February 27, 1943

An excerpt from Khurbn Vilne, translated by Maurice Wolfthal

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The WOHP 2021 team, meeting on Zoom

2021: The Year in Review

A look at the Yiddish Book Center's Wexler Oral History Project's 2021 year.

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An illustration of the Yiddish writer Yoshua Perle

Everyday Jews, Chapter One

Chapter one of Yoshua Perle's classic novel Everyday Jews, part of our New Yiddish Library Series.

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Yiddish typewriters

Steiner Summer Yiddish Program Students Test Drive Yiddish Typewriter

A short video of our Steiner Summer Yiddish students trying out a few of our Yiddish typewriters.

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drawn fabric cutters

Avreml Broide

A strike tests Avreml's loyalty in these two chapters from labor-leader Ben Gold's first novel. Translated by Annie Kaufman.

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Yiddish Book Center Timeline: A Storied History

A timeline of milestones in the Yiddish Book Center's forty year history

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Illustration for "Minsker Blotes" from Izi Kharik's "Mit layb un lebn" - Ink drawing of a man waving a flag under a sun in the top right corner.

Minsk Muck, an Excerpt

A poem by Izi Kharik, translated by Madeleine Cohen.

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"Fences" and "A Chimney Sweep"

Two workers poems by Moyshe Nadir.

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A photograph of Yiddish poet Itzik Manger in a recording studio preparing to read from his poems

A Focus On: Itzik Manger

Read about Itzik Manger's career and experience his poetic voice.

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Francine Prose on Grace Paley

"Grace Paley was a great writer and a magnificent human being."

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A photograph of the Yiddish writer Getsl (George) Selikovitch

"The Institute for Facial Reform (A Fantastical Story)"

A short story by the Yiddish writer Getsl (George) Selikovitch about the search for beauty.

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The painting "Mourning Woman" by Egon Schiele. It depicts a woman dressed in black, with white makeup and dark curly hair, gazing at the viewer.

Aunt Taibele

Aunt Taibele never missed a funeral.

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Help Us Unpack Our Backlog of Yiddish Books

With your support, we can process thousands of priceless Yiddish books that have arrived since the pandemic began and share them online with waiting readers everywhere.

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Natalia Romik


Dr. Natalia Romik, a Warsaw-based architect, designer, conceptual artist, and formidable foe of historical amnesia.

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Natalia Romik

Natalia Romik

Dr. Natalia Romik, a Warsaw-based architect, designer, conceptual artist, and formitable foe of historical amnesia.

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Photograph of Sholem Aleichem

King for a Day

Who was Old Dovidl—or David, King of Israel?

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Drawn self portrait by Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman

BEYLE: The Artist and Her Legacy (A Film)

BEYLE, a documentary film, explores the life & legacy of Yiddish activist & artist Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman.

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An excerpt from "On the Road to Uman," by Yekhezal Keitelman. Translated by Gershon Freidlin and Olivia Hibel

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Grace Paley gazes into the distance in front of some plants. Black and white image.

A Grace Paley Reader: Reading Resources

The third selection for the 2017 Great Jewish Books Book Club

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