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September 2020: Handpicked

David is the Yiddish Book Center's bibliographer and editorial director. After delving into his selections, scroll down to read a short interview with David about his choices.

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May 2018: Handpicked

There are few people more uniquely qualified to delve into the Center's collections as Eitan Kensky. He's been instrumental in discovering and curating a range of materials—not just books, but also recordings, translations, and digital collections.

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The Chained Wife, an Excerpt

An excerpt of Maria Lerner's play about the plight of the agune, or abandoned wife.

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Neighbors Over the Fence

An excerpt from A rege fun emes by Blume Lempel, translated by Ellen Cassedy and Yermiyahu Ahron Taub

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"Old Town"

By photographer-novelist Alter Kacyzne, a photograph-in-words of Warsaw in the early twentieth century. Translated by Mandy Cohen and Michael Casper.

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2019: The Year in Review

A look at the Yiddish Book Center's Wexler Oral History Project 2019 year.

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Acacias Bloom

By Dvoyre Fogel, translated by Anastasiya Lyubas. What even...

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An excerpt from Iberflants by Avrom Rives, translated by Avi Lang

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Simkhele Shoykhet

An excerpt from Shtot un shtetl, by Sarah Hamer-Jacklyn, translated by Allison Posner

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Diary of a Lonely Girl, or The Battle Against Free Love: Reading Resources

The fourth and final selection for the 2021 Great Jewish Books Book Club

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The Smith; Or, A Tale of a Man Who Poisoned His Wife

By M. J. Berdyczewski, translated by James Adam Redfield A sober reflection on morality and amorality within the constraints of the shtetl

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Handwritten letters in Yiddish and English


An epistolary romance with a twist, by H. D. Nomberg, translated by Daniel Kennedy

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"Repairing Love"

This excerpt from Spiegelblatt's 2003 collection Shadows Knock on the Windows explores memory and loss.

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