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"The Ballad of Old Harlequin"

A poem about loss and the passing of time by Itzik Manger, translated by Lawrence Rosenwald.

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Board of Directors

Our board members come from academia, the arts, business, journalism, and philanthropy.

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Our Next Weekend Program

Our next weekend program, I.L. Peretz Classic and Contemporary, with Professors Ruth Wisse and Justin Cammy, takes place April 8-10, 2016

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Immigrating to America: The Jewish Experience

Stories from the Wexler Oral History Project

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Illustration by Sarah Maycock

Why Read Sholem Aleichem?

Jeremy Dauber on the great Sholem Aleichem, whose "short stories and novels took on the very countours of Jewish history"

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Painted from Memory: Saul Raskin and the Question of Jewish Art

A look at the work of multitalented, multimedia artist and art critic Saul Raskin.

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February 2020: Handpicked

Lisa is the director of communications at the Yiddish Book Center, co-editor of Pakn Treger, and host of The Shmooze. After delving into her selections, scroll down to read a short interview with Lisa about her choices.

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Tug-of-War: Sholem Asch and His Translators

The relationship between author and translator isn’t always an easy one—as seen in the case of Sholem Asch.

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Translation Fellows

Meet this year's cohort of translation fellows

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A photograph of Yiddish poet Itzik Manger in a recording studio preparing to read from his poems

A Focus On: Itzik Manger

Read about Itzik Manger's career and experience his poetic voice.

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December 2020: Handpicked

Rokhl Kafrissen is a NYC-based playwright and journalist. After delving into her selections, scroll down to read a short interview with Rokhl about her choices.

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The painting "Mourning Woman" by Egon Schiele. It depicts a woman dressed in black, with white makeup and dark curly hair, gazing at the viewer.

Aunt Taibele

Aunt Taibele never missed a funeral.

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2021 Great Jewish Books Summer Program Faculty and Staff

Learn from top faculty in college-style seminars

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A Portable Library for Polish Jews

The Dos poylishe yidntum series aimed to rebuild Yiddish culture in the diaspora.

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The 2020 Cohort: Participant Bios and Selected Libraries

Learn more about the first cohort of public libraries selected to participate in this exciting new program.

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Ritz With A Shvitz

One man's lavish monument to his mother

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"The Destiny of a Poem"

By Itzik Manger, translated by Murray Citron. The poet on his poetry, and its tragic effect. Illustration from 1954's Don't Forget—Don't Forgive! Upon the 11th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

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Illustration by David Cowles

But is it Klezmer? Rock, Jazz, Punk, Hip-hop, and Techno Bring New Sounds to the Jewish Mix

Klezmer has always spoken in the particular language and accent of its time and place.

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Ruth Rubin: A Life in Song

A portrait of a pioneer in modern Jewish culture

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Title page of Brenendike likht with covers of Burning Lights in the background.

Burning Lights: Reading Resources

The first selection for the 2019 Great Jewish Books Book Club

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