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The Glass Plates of Lublin, with Aaron Lansky, Lisa Newman and Piotr Nazaruk

A special talk to celebrate publication of the The Glass Plates of Lublin. The book features selections from the 2,700 glass photographic plates discovered in a building in the former Jewish section of Lublin.

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By Yudica, translated by Faith Jones.

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street scene

Weekly Reader A Sense of Place

October 24, 2021 - Its writers spoke of the Old Country and the New, the country and the city, Litvaks and Galitsiyaners, the home and the street.

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"Persistence," an oil canvas by Samuel Bak; image courtesy of Pucket Gallery

"Tall Tamare"

An Abraham Karpinowitz story translated by Helen Mintz, as part of her new collection, Vilna My Vilna. Karpinowitz recreates prewar Vilna with subtle artistry and painstaking accuracy: streets, businesses, libraries, people, slang.

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Bar Mitzvah

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November 2020: Handpicked

Sylvia is an education program manager at the Yiddish Book Center. After delving into her selections, scroll down to read a short interview with Sylvia about her choices.

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Intimate Argot: American Jewish Speech Patterns

What we say, and what we think about it

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A Vilna courtyard as seen through its gates

The Yiddish Photograph

What is Jewish photography? What is Yiddish photography?

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Help us bring Yiddish and modern Jewish culture to more people in more places than ever before

Help us build on lessons learned during the pandemic to expand virtual and hybrid programs, talks, and performances featuring some of the foremost scholars and artists of our generation.

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From Cabbage to Galaxies: The Incredible Range of Kultur-Lige’s Publishing

An examination Kultur-lige’s various series for adults and children, which reveal the impressive range of Kultur-lige’s publications throughout the 1920s and 30s

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5 Yiddish Writers at the Chernovits Conference

Weekly Reader Ukraine

March 3, 2022 - At this moment, with Ukraine under attack and its people and their Jewish president fighting for their very survival, we remember our shared history and highlight some of the enduring creations of Yiddish-speaking Jews in Ukraine.

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The Storied History of Yiddish Publishing

The influential publishers and formidable editors who brought Yiddish books to the world

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Well Said: Beser gefilte fish eyder gefilte tsores (Better Stuffed Fish than Stuffed Troubles)

In this installment of her regular column, Asya Vaisman Schulman considers the role of gefilte fish in Jewish cuisine—and the "gefllte fish line" that divides connoisseurs.

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Oral Historian Spotlight: Agnieszka Ilwicka

Featuring our International Field Fellow, Agnieszka Ilwicka

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A New Radiocast Tells the Story of Russian Revolutionary Klara Klebanova

The Last Maximalist, produced by the Yiddish Book Center and translated and voiced by Caraid O'Brien, tells the story of Russian Jewish revolutionary Klara Klebanova.

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Beyond Time: The Paintings of Samuel Bak

Out of the Vilna ghetto to a world of color and form

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Annotated Guide to Sholem Aleichem

Sholem Aleichem was the most popular Yiddish writer. His books were in seemingly every Jewish home—and many of them were collected by the Yiddish Book Center. Learn about our rich collection of materials by and about Sholem Aleichem

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High Holiday Stories from Near and Far

Recollections of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur from the Wexler Oral History Project

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eye reflected back

To Rosa Palatnik

By Rokhl Kramf, translated by Abigail Weaver.

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Author illustrator Maurice Sendak. Photo by James Keyser, Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

"Vilde khaye!": Maurice Sendak's not-so-cautionary tale

Maurice Sendak’s famous children’s book Where the Wild Things Areis an astonishing exploration of otherness that resonates far beyond its intended audience.

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