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Thumbnail image for Voices from the Vault: Yiddish Writers Speak Again
  • Unlocking a treasure trove of recordings of Yiddish writers
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Thumbnail image for <em>Di Yerushe</em>
  • When Sarah Traister Moskovitz heard Aaron Lansky give a speech, it rekindled her passion for Yiddish—and inspired a poem.
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Thumbnail image for <em>American Yiddish Poetry</em>: Reading Resources
  • The third selection for the 2018 Great Jewish Books Book Club
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Thumbnail image for Destined to Create
  • What produced the poetic impulse in her as a child, and what gives rise to a poet in any era? The Yiddish poet Rokhl Korn offers a deeply personal answer.
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Thumbnail image for 1000 Essential Yiddish Books
  • A guide to the 1000 most essential Yiddish books in our collection
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