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  • Lisa Newman is the director of communications - she's constantly scouring our website for English-language recordings, articles, and oral histories that provide background for her work on Pakn Treger and The Shmooze.
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  • Sebastian Schulman just can't stay away from the Yiddish Book Center—a Center summer intern in 2004, he later served as director of its translation program before leaving to work on his dissertation. Here, Seb shares some of his favorite finds.
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  • As the Yiddish Book Center’s Bibliographer and Editorial Director, David is constantly making new discoveries, and he’s surfaced some fascinating items from our collections.
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  • Yiddish translation in the nineteenth century and beyond
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  • The third selection for the 2018 Great Jewish Books Book Club
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  • A list of recommended readings for each online lecture
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  • Stories of Jewish life in Montreal, from Our Wexler Oral History Project Collection
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Thumbnail image for <em>Bontshe Shvayg </em> in Lethbridge: Teaching Yiddish Literature in the Canadian Bible Belt
  • I teach Jewish literature to non-Jews. That statement may not seem very remarkable; after all, I also teach Victorian literature to non-Victorians and nineteenth-century literature to students born in the late twentieth century.
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  • Unlocking a treasure trove of recordings of Yiddish writers
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  • Jack Lewin, Yiddish poet and actor based in Los Angeles, was interviewed by Christa Whitney on October 16, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.
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