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Thumbnail image for The Signs and Symbols of Ezra Korman, Detroit's Soulful Yiddish Poet
  • The life and afterlife of a little-known writer
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Thumbnail image for Help Us Share Our Unique History, Conscience, and Literature with Students Everywhere
  • With your support, we’ll help teachers at schools around the world introduce Yiddish and modern Jewish literature into their curricula.
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Thumbnail image for Problematic, Fraught, Confusing, Paralyzing—and Fantastic
  • A 1927 anthology gave Yiddish women poets their due.
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Thumbnail image for Voices from the Vault: Yiddish Writers Speak Again
  • Unlocking a treasure trove of recordings of Yiddish writers
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Thumbnail image for Help us Finish Our Transformational Yiddish Textbook
  • Help us complete our new Yiddish textbook with the creation of Hesofe: an Online Supplement that will make audio and video selections and interactive exercises an essential part of every lesson.
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Thumbnail image for Anna Gonshor
  • Anna Gonshor, Faculty Lecturer of Yiddish Studies at McGill University and Montreal-based Yiddish activist, was interviewed by Sara Israel on December 13, 2011 at the Montreal Jewish Public Library in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Professor Gonshor...
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Thumbnail image for Letters to the Editor
  • Readers' memories of Yiddish theater, inspired by the Summer 2014 issue of Pakn Treger
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Thumbnail image for <em>American Yiddish Poetry</em>: Reading Resources
  • The third selection for the 2018 Great Jewish Books Book Club
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Thumbnail image for Yiddish Children's Literature
  • The Noah Cotsen Library of Yiddish Children's Literature comprises 800 titles, including works by major Yiddish writers and Yiddish translations of classics.
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Thumbnail image for 1000 Essential Yiddish Books
  • A guide to the 1000 most essential Yiddish books in our collection
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