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Thumbnail image for An Excerpt from <em>Der Melamed</em>
  • An excerpt from Der Melamed by Ayzik Meyer Dik, translated by Ben Sadock.
Part of Pakn Treger
Thumbnail image for The Smith; Or, A Tale of a Man Who Poisoned His Wife
  • By M. J. Berdyczewski, translated by James Adam Redfield A sober reflection on morality and amorality within the constraints of the shtetl
Part of Pakn Treger
Thumbnail image for 2019: The Year in Review
  • A look at the Yiddish Book Center's Wexler Oral History Project 2019 year.
Part of Pages
Thumbnail image for What Are We Teaching Our Children?
  • By Joseph Opatoshu, translated by Shulamith Berger. Visions of the future collide in a Hebrew school board meeting.
Part of Pakn Treger
Thumbnail image for Greetings from the Surviving Remnants of the Jewish People
  • By Z. H. Wachsman, translated by Noah Barrera. A unique historical document that sheds light on the plight of Jews after the Holocaust.
Part of Pakn Treger