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Thumbnail image for New in Translation: <em>Sutzkever Essential Prose</em>
  • Yiddish translator Zackary Sholem Berger visits with The Shmooze to talk about the forthcoming release of his translation of Avrom Sutzkever's prose writing.
Part of The Shmooze Podcast Series
Thumbnail image for Of Course The Great Yiddish Writer Avrom Sutzkever Stayed With Us!
  • Liba Augenfeld - Vilna native, former Jewish partisan and prominent Yiddish cultural activist after immigrating to Montreal - remembers how poet Avrom Sutzkever, whom she knew from their time as partisans, stayed with her family when he visited...
Part of Yiddish Book Center's Wexler Oral History Project Excerpts
Thumbnail image for Storm Off the Waters of Crete
  • By Avrom Sutzkever, translated by Maia Evrona
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Thumbnail image for Last Star in the Night
  • In memory of Abraham Sutzkever, 1913-2010
Part of Pakn Treger
Thumbnail image for Di brokhe fun sheynḳayṭ eseyen ṿegn Avraham Sutsḳeṿer
  • ביקל, שלמה, 1896-1969
  • Bickel, Shlomo, 1896-1969
  • Tel Aviv : ha-Menorah
Part of Yiddish Book Center's Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library
Thumbnail image for Two Stubborn People: Tensions with Avrom Sutzkever Over The Spelling of My Name
  • Mikhel Felsenbaum, Yiddish writer, talks about his professional relationship with the Yiddish poet Avrom Sutzkever. He tells a story of their biggest conflict (over the spelling of his name) and the phone called that resolved it not long before...
Part of Yiddish Book Center's Wexler Oral History Project Excerpts
Thumbnail image for "The Cleaver's Daughter"
  • A short story by famed, path-breaking Yiddish poet Avrom Sutzkever, published in 1975.
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Thumbnail image for The 2016 <em>Pakn Treger</em> Digital Translation Issue
  • Works by Avrom Sutzkever, H.D. Nomberg, Alter Kacyzne, and other Yiddish writers, newly translated to English
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Thumbnail image for The Eternity of Vilna
  • Ruth Wisse gives a talk titled "The Eternity of Vilna" as part of the series, Abraham Sutzkever: The Uncrowned Jewish Poet Laureate.
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