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Thumbnail image for Transplant
  • An excerpt from Iberflants by Avrom Rives, translated by Avi Lang
Part of Pakn Treger
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  • A short story by Yehudis—a conversation between two women friends about love and desire.
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Thumbnail image for "Mr. Friedkin and Shoshana: Wandering Souls on the Lower East Side"
  • Joseph Opatoshu's take on the tormented personal life of a young Hebrew teacher in New York. Translated by Shulamith Berger.
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Thumbnail image for The Smith; Or, A Tale of a Man Who Poisoned His Wife
  • By M. J. Berdyczewski, translated by James Adam Redfield A sober reflection on morality and amorality within the constraints of the shtetl
Part of Pakn Treger
Thumbnail image for <em>Bintel Brief</em>
  • Translated by Deborah Rothman. The Bintel Brief—“Bundle of Letters”—was the iconic advice column in the Forverts
Part of Pakn Treger
Thumbnail image for The Immigrant Jewish Intellectual
  • By Abraham Goldberg, translated by Daniel Kennedy. "Can one compare the fate of Robinson Crusoe to that of a Jewish intellectual here?"
Part of Pakn Treger
Thumbnail image for Acacias Bloom
  • By Dvoyre Fogel, translated by Anastasiya Lyubas. What even...
Part of Pakn Treger
Thumbnail image for You Should Have Been There
  • By Miriam Karpilove, translated by Jessica Kirzane. "I wanted to make it into something more than it was . . ."
Part of Pakn Treger
Thumbnail image for Orange Organza, Blue Organza: Celebrating an Exhibition of Jewishness in Opatów, Poland
  • Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, director of the Core Exhibition at the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, recalls how her father's paintings of Opatów, Poland came to be presented as an exhibit in the town.
Part of Yiddish Book Center's Wexler Oral History Project Excerpts
Thumbnail image for "You Have Not Betrayed Me Since the Day We Met" and "You Olive Tree in the Night"
  • Two poems from Avrom Sutzkever's "Diary" translated by Maia Evrona. Illustration is one of Sutzkever's self-portraits from this volume.
Part of Pakn Treger