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  • Programs exploring various aspects of Jewish culture, literature, and history
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  • Explore modern Jewish literature in English translation with other dedicated readers
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  • Profiles and essays about Yiddish writers and literature, drawn from our collections and publications
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  • The Noah Cotsen Library of Yiddish Children's Literature comprises 800 titles, including works by major Yiddish writers and Yiddish translations of classics.
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Thumbnail image for Miriam Udel on Yiddish Children’s Literature, Translation, and Literary Encounters
  • This week we visit with Miriam Udel to talk about her research and her teaching, which focus on Jewish encounters with modernity in literature, as well as her work translating Yiddish children’s literature.
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Thumbnail image for Help Us Share Our Unique History, Conscience, and Literature with Students Everywhere
  • With your support, we’ll help teachers at schools around the world introduce Yiddish and modern Jewish literature into their curricula.
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Thumbnail image for An Opportunity to Be an Expert: Why Study Yiddish
  • Jessica Kirzane, specialist in American-Jewish literature, speaks about the joy of studying and researching undiscovered Yiddish authors and thinkers.
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  • In his recently recorded oral history, the late, legendary, literary scholar Harold Bloom recalls Yiddish theater, literature, and more.
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  • We are bringing Yiddish literature in translation to readers through White Goat Press, grants to publishers, and our Translation Fellowship.
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