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About Our Field Trip Program

On a field trip to the Yiddish Book Center—the world’s first Yiddish museum—students explore universal themes such as immigration and cultural preservation through one group’s unique story.

Dynamic, interactive activities engage students in the rich history of Yiddish culture and the ways that culture has been preserved and remains relevant to people’s lives.

Engaging activities at the Center help students to:

  • explore the experience of immigrants in the early twentieth century
  • understand the value of cultural preservation and gain tools to preserve their own families’ and communities’ stories
  • learn about major events in modern history and their far-reaching effects
  • gain insight into what different kinds of texts, including literature and journalism, reveal about the history of a people and its culture

Our Field Trip Program is designed for middle and high school students and addresses the Massachusetts Department of Education’s Curriculum Frameworks. We’re happy to work with you to tailor a program to meet the specific educational goals of your class.

Download a brochure about the program below.