How to Buy Yiddish Books

We never envisioned the Yiddish Book Center as a genizah, a static storehouse for old books. Rather, our goal from the outset was to place old volumes into the hands of new readers, including by making duplicate copies of books in our collection available for purchase.

Contact Catherine Madsen at with questions about buying books.

Visitors to the Yiddish Book Center can purchase books from the shelves of the large repository at the heart of our building. If you can't make it here in person, contact Catherine Madsen, the Center's bibliographer, at or 413-256-4900, ext. 153, to inquire about buying books. (Not all books are available, but we maintain waiting lists for less common titles.)

You can also purchase printed-on-demand copies of any of the titles in our Steven Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library by clicking “Purchase a printed copy” next to the book you want.