What\'s New Inside...

"I Miss Hearing Yiddish"

What brings students to YiddishSchool, our annual program for adult learners?

Great Jewish Books Program Opens Vast Literature to Students

The Yiddish Book Center's summer program for high school students is now accepting applications for 2015.

A Significant Milestone

The Wexler Oral History Project conducts a very special interview.

Yidstock 2015 Lineup Announced

The annual event, now in its fourth year, celebrates the best and newest in klezmer and Yiddish music.


New Translation Fellows Announced

The 2015 translation fellows are the program's largest and most diverse group yet 

Exhibit: Felix Lembersky: Soviet Form, Jewish Context

A visiting exhibit of work by the important but long-overlooked Soviet Jewish painter, now at the Yiddish Book Center's Brechner Gallery

Translator's First Work Receives High Honor

Translator Maurice Wolfthal, whose work has appeared in Pakn Treger, wins an MLA award for My Four Years in Soviet Russia.

Simkhele Shoykhet

An excerpt from Shtot un shtetl by Sarah Hamer-Jacklyn, translated by Allison Posner