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A Focus On Women Writers in Translation

August is National Women in Translation Month. Read our special Pakn Treger Translation Issue: A Collection of Newly Translated Yiddish Works by Women Writers, which includes works of poetry, prose poetry, fiction, and memoir by established and lesser-known Yiddish writers; listen to Ellen Cassidy speak about her work translating Blume Lempel’s stories; and find out how translator Faith Jones answers the question, “Why Read Celia Dropkin?"


Handpicked Elissa Sperling

Elissa Sperling is a Yiddish Book Center 2016-2017 Fellow. She was first exposed to Yiddish through her zeyde, who spoke it as his first language. Elissa began formally studying Yiddish through the Workmen’s Circle in Boston while in high school and continued her study in intensive summer programs in New York, Vilnius, and Warsaw. She’s used that background, plus a degree in Library Science, to help with cataloguing the Yiddish Book Center’s collections during her fellowship. Elissa is constantly sharing her interesting finds with us; here are a few of her favorites.