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Benjamin Harshav Remembers Collecting Folklore in the Markets of 1930s Vilna

From our Wexler Oral History Project: a story from Benjamin (Binyomen) Harshav, z"l, professor emeritus at Yale University, who passed away this week

A Grandfather's Stories

A recent visitor to the Yiddish Book Center sought—and found—a special book on the shelves.

"Echoes from the Borscht Belt"

An exhibit of Marisa Scheinfeld's evocative images documenting what has become of the once-thriving vacation spot opens at the Center in April.

2015 Pakn Treger Translation Issue

In our latest digital translation issue of Pakn Treger, you'll find Yiddish prose, poetry, and drama newly translated into English.

"Immodestly Yours..." Sometimes the inscriptions are as interesting as the books themselves

David Mazower shares insights from the inscriptions in his collection of Yiddish books signed by their authors.

"I Miss Hearing Yiddish"

What brings students to YiddishSchool, our annual program for adult learners?

Yidstock 2015 Lineup Announced

The annual event, now in its fourth year, celebrates the best and newest in klezmer and Yiddish music.


Tumba, Tumba Worksheet

This Heymarbet (Homework) Yiddish worksheet features the Yiddish folksong “Tumba, Tumba,” a love story about a young girl who has to set her sewing aside when she meets a fiery young man.