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A Focus On Voices from the Vault

Our Frances Brandt Online Yiddish Library is a treasure trove of interviews, lectures, and other special events recorded at the Jewish Public Library in Montreal between 1953 and 2005. Read the fascinating story of how this collection came to the Yiddish Book Center in an article from Pakn Treger—then listen to just some of the riches to be found there: a 1980 talk by novelist Amos Oz, and recordings from a 1959 evening in honor of poet Avrom Sutzkever.


Handpicked Sebastian Schulman

Sebastian Schulman just can’t stay away from the Yiddish Book Center—a Center summer intern in 2004, he later served as director of its translation program before leaving to work on his dissertation in Jewish history. He recently returned in the dual role of development officer and translation fellowship director. Here, Seb shares some favorite items from the Center's collections.