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A Focus On Jewish Heritage

We're focusing on Jewish life in America, with an excerpt from Peretz Hirschbein's 1918 memoir of his train trip across the country, a recording of a 1970 lecture by Columbia Professor Alan Pollack about passing that heritage on to younger generations, and a Pakn Treger article by anthropologist Ruth Behar about growing up straddling two worlds: the New York Jewish community where she was raised and the Cuban Jewish community her family came from. 


Handpicked Lisa Newman

Lisa Newman is the director of communications and visitor services at the Yiddish Book Center. As a non-Yiddish speaker, she’s constantly scouring our website for English-language recordings, lectures, articles, oral histories, interviews, and other material that opens up the culture and provides background for her work on Pakn Treger; the Center’s podcast, The Shmooze; and other projects. Here are some of her favorites.