Visit Us!

Come to the Yiddish Book Center and enter a lebedike velt, a lively world of Jewish culture. You’ll find a million Yiddish books, permanent and visiting exhibits, galleries, an English-language bookstore, and two performance halls where you can enjoy a year-round schedule of educational programs, concerts, films, and events. 

The Center offers something for everyone. Put on headphones and listen to Yiddish radio, or settle in to watch classic Yiddish cinema (with English subtitles). Picnic in our park-like grounds in summer, or curl up in our reading library in winter. 

And don’t forget our Kindervinkl, where you and your children can speak Yiddish (we provide the scripts); serve up kishke, kashe varnishkes, kneydlekh, and other traditional Jewish foods at Moishe Pipik’s Restaurant; master Yiddish proverbs; and enjoy hundreds of Jewish children’s books in English.

Click here for hours and directions, a calendar of events, information on group tours, and more.

Shop Online

Can’t make it to Amherst? Then enjoy our online bookstore. You’ll find English-language books and gift items with a yidishe tam, a uniquely Yiddish flavor. (For books in Yiddish, visit our Steven Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library.)