Immerse yourself in a lebedike velt, a living world, of fascinating exhibitions about Yiddish culture.

Bringing a Yizkor Book to Life

The Discovery Project celebrates the 100th birthday of Jean Korim Shultz, the last remaining sibling of nine children born to the Korim family in Dabeik, Lithuania at the turn of the century.  Read about Jean's life, hear stories and songs, and learn about the Yizkor book that's being compiled by her niece, Harriet Jerusha Korim.

Stella Rudolph: The Other Pianist

An virtually anonymous member of the KlezKanada Yiddish festival turns out to be a descendant of the Szpilman dynasty of klezmorim, and the living legacy of the Barsh family band.


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Former Book Center intern founds The Joseph Achron Society

Discover the Joseph Achron Society, which was founded by former Steiner intern and musician Sam Zerin. The organization's mission is to raise awareness of and interest in the music of Joseph Achron, who was perhaps the most talented, prolific, and original composer to come out of the St. Petersburg Society for Jewish Folk Music.

Aaron Kriwitzky: Hartford's Yiddish Bard

One small book found after a child's sleepover leads to the discovery of Aaron Kirwitzky and his life full of poetry, family, and teaching.

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The Dubiecko Klezmer Folio

by Hankus Netsky

Bringing the sounds of Dubiecko back to life after 72 years.

Leyke Post Carrey, Boston's Yiddish Diva

by Hankus Netsky

A gifted actress and storyteller, Leyke would launch into a nineteenth-century Yiddish folk song and, within seconds, have her late twentieth-century audience in stitches.

The Badkhones of Yosif Frydman

By Hankus Netsky and Joshua Schwartz

Bringing Yiddish folk poetry and song back to life

My mother was a Yiddish poet

by Hankus Netsky and Sara Israel 

The Discovery Project explores Sonia Victor's suitcase

The Wedding (and Bar Mitzvah) Singer

by Hankus Netsky

Experience a 1950s American Bar Mitzvah Ceremony, Yiddish style - the way it was, courtesy of the Discovery Project - and Wedding/Bar Mitzvah singer par-excellence, Gerri Dean!