Project Areas

Working in one or two main project areas, Yiddish Book Center fellows bring their insight, ingenuity, and energy to help us carry out both established projects and new initiatives. These include:

  • Digital Collections: Fellows support efforts to digitize and catalog Yiddish language resources from across the Center’s collections. Fellows may help develop new technology or work on multimedia projects designed to make our rich holdings accessible to a wider public. Fellows will also be invited to write articles and blog posts for the Center's website, and to select items to feature as highlights on our website.
  • Translation: Fellows help recruit candidates for the Center’s Translation Fellowship and match fellows with mentors, organize workshops for translation fellows at the Center, and work on the annual translation issue of Pakn Treger, the magazine of the Yiddish Book Center.
  • Yiddish Education: Fellows assist the director of the Center’s Yiddish Language Institute as teaching assistants for on-site college-level Yiddish courses and work on the development of the Center’s multimedia Yiddish textbook.
  • Oral History: Fellows are trained to conduct and record oral history interviews as part of the Yiddish Book Center's Wexler Oral History Project (led by Project Director Christa Whitney, herself a former fellow). They also identify and translate excerpts from interviews conducted in Yiddish for inclusion in the Center's growing online digital oral history collection.
  • Educational Programs: Fellows help organize and coordinate on-site and online courses on topics related to Yiddish and Jewish history and culture for adult learners.