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Yiddish Book Center Welcomes Three New Fellows

The fellows will spend the next year working as full-time members of the Center staff.

Reflections on Great Jewish Books

Two students share their experiences at the Yiddish Book Center's summer program for high school students

A Budding Yiddishist

Twelve-year-old Jack, who's learning to speak Yiddish, recently visited the Yiddish Book Center with his zayde and bube

Translation Initiative Brings Yiddish Works to New Readers

Yiddish literature remains a largely untapped resource for navigating the perils and joys of modern life as a Jew. Its translation into English makes it again available to this once and future audience.

Seeking: Borscht Belt Memories

Did you vacation at the iconic resort area? Share your stories and souvenirs.


Weekend Course Looks at Ladino

"The Rise and Fall of Ladino-Speaking Jews" will be held November 13-15 at the Yiddish Book Center.

Unearthing Yiddish Treasures

A report on two Yiddish Book Center fellows' trip to Montreal's Jewish Public Library

A Ton of Books

Zamler Eric Ellman's Yiddish book-collecting persistence pays off

From the Poet's Library

Family members of Yiddish poet H. Leivick donate works from his private collection to the Center

Wexler Oral History Project Launches Film Series

The first film in the series looks at Montreal Yiddish poet Ida Maze, who was born 122 years ago this month.