Pakn Treger

Number 2015
2015 / 5774

Pakn Treger: The Magazine Of The Yiddish Book Center


A letter by Aaron Lansky
An introduction by Sebastian Schulman
Excerpts from "Nine Months" and "Birth," by Esther Shumiatcher-Hirschbein. Translated by Beata Kasiarz
An excerpt from "On the Road to Uman," by Yekhezal Keitelman. Translated by Gershon Freidlin and Olivia Hibel
An excerpt from "Rivals," by Yonah Rozenfeld. Translated by Rachel Mines
An excerpt from "Mannequins," by Dvoryre Fogel. Translated by Anna Torres
An excerpt from "The Sabbath Lights," by Mikhoel Felsenbaum. Translated by Eitan Kensky
Poems by Israel Emiot. Translated by Leah Zazulyer
A short story by Froyim Kaganovski. Translated by Bracha Beverly Weingrod
From our new Pakn Treger Translation Issue: Y. Y. Zevin's story "Joe the Waiter," translated from Yiddish by Dan Setzer. 
An excerpt from "Strict Justice," by Dovid Bergelson. Translated by Harriet Murav and Sasha Senderovich

Fall 2014 / 5775
In the latest issue of Pakn Treger: Yiddish writers you ought to be reading
Summer 2014 / 5774
An in-depth look at Yiddish theater and its far-reaching influence

2014 / 5774
An English language anthology of newly translated Yiddish prose, poetry, and drama.
Fall 2013 / 5774
Exploring the topic of education – from an account of the earlier “Cheder Years” to a feature about Yiddish learning

Summer 2013 / 5773
The Food Issue
The first annual Translation Issue of Pakn Treger, the magazine of the Yiddish Book Center.

Fall 2012/5773
Meet some of the Yiddish Pioneers featured in this issue of the Pakn Treger - from Yiddish farmers to a computational Yiddish linguist.  
Summer 2012 / 5772
John Marchese reports on the spirited conference of nearly 100 minds discussing the future of Yiddish translation, and David Mazower recounts the relationship between Sholem Asch and his translators.

Fall 2011 / 5772
Aaron Lansky lays out a "Road Map" for the Yiddish Book Center; David Mazower explores inscriptions that are as interesting as the books they're written in, and we explore a treasure trove...
Summer 2011 / 5771
A Fellow describes how she and her colleagues save a writer's library; David Mazower explores Yiddish micrography; and Aaron Lansky makes the case for restoring the other half of Jewish identity.