Yiddish Book Center’s Frances Brandt Online Yiddish Audio Library

This collection presents highlights from the Frances Brandt Online Yiddish Audio Library. These recordings consist of lectures by and interviews with writers and poets who visited the Jewish Public Library of Montreal between 1953 and 2005. The Yiddish Book Center has been working with the JPL to digitize these recordings and make them available to the public. These are the first of around 1,100 recordings that will be uploaded in the next two years.When listening or searching the recordings, please note:

  • Each track in Yiddish has two copies: one with English metadata and one with Yiddish metadata. The audio content is the same for both copies, only the metadata has been translated.
  • The original recordings were made on reel-to-reel tapes. After a certain period of time during a program, the tape would have run out -- sometimes in the middle of a sentence. Operators would then turn the tape over and start recording on the other side, often resulting in a short break where the programs were not recorded (usually between 5 and 7 seconds). When this happens, the program will continue on a second recording listed with the same title ending with ''part 2''. Each digitized track corresponds exactly with the material on one side of the reel to reel tapes.

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