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The Yiddish Book Center is a comprehensive source of out-of-print Yiddish books – and a major force in translating Yiddish literature into English.

Yiddish Books

Read 11,000 Yiddish titles online or download them free of charge through our Steven Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library

Access more than 800 Yizkor books – Yiddish and Hebrew memorial volumes commemorating Jewish communities destroyed in the Holocaust.  The volumes are included in the David and Sylvia Steiner Yizkor Book Collection, a joint project of the Yiddish Book Center and the New York Public Library.

Click here for a PDF listing 1000 Essential Yiddish Books.

Click here for an annotated bibliography of The Noah Cotsen Library of Yiddish Children's Literature.

Email us to order vintage, “artifactual” (real) Yiddish books at nominal cost. 

Donate Yiddish books.  All Yiddish books are welcome, regardless of content or condition. If you need help, contact us for a list of zamlers – local, volunteer collectors who will pick up books at your home.


An astonishing 98% of Yiddish books have yet to be translated into English.

Our New Yiddish Library offers new, critically-acclaimed translations through Yale University Press.

We’re training and mobilizing a new generation of Yiddish translators through fellowships, and providing online tools through Taytsh, our website for working translators.

We're publishing new translations through an annual, digital Translation Issue of Pakn Treger, the Center’s English-language magazine.

We maintain an online list of Translators-for-Hire – freelance translators and volunteers who will help translate your family’s letters and documents from Yiddish to English.

Our bookstore and giftshop

You'll find a great selection of Yiddish books in translation, English-language books, music, films, and gifts in our online store.