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אונזער ליד פון שפאניע : )די גאלדינע שפאניש-העבעאישע תקופה) : שלמה אבן-גבירול, משה אבן-עזרה, יהודה הלוי

שווארץ, י. י, 1885-1971

Unzer lid fun Shpanye (di goldene Shpanish-Hebreishe tekufe) : Shelomoh Ibn-Gabirol, Mosheh Ibn-Ezra, Yehudah ha-Leṿi

Schwartz, Israel Jacob, 1885-1971, Ibn Gabirol, ca. 1022-ca. 1070, Ibn Ezra, Moses, ca. 1060-ca. 1139, Judah, 12th cent

This edition was published in 1931 by Yidisher ḳulṭur gezelshafṭ, Filadelfyer tsṿayg in Nyu Yorḳ. It was digitized and added to the library in January 2009.

Published in Yiddish, 310 pages.

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  • Hebrew literature, Medieval.
  • Hebrew poetry
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