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A Focus On Celia Dropkin

This December, we’re featuring items from our collections that center on the Yiddish poet Celia Dropkin, who was born in Bobruisk, White Russia, on December 5, 1887. Dropkin was known for her “fierce and uncompromising” writing about themes such as motherhood, desire, and love—and she was also an accomplished artist. Here we highlight a Pakn Treger article by Dropkin translator Faith Jones, a classic "From the Vault" piece about Dropkin's paintings, and an oral history clip of Dropkin's daughter-in-law discussing what makes her mother-in-law's poetic voice "one worth hearing." 


Handpicked Zeke Levine

Zeke Levine is a doctoral student in musicology at New York University, with a research focus on Yiddish music in mid-20th century America. Zeke was a 2017–2018 Yiddish Book Center fellow and is currently a Yiddish Book Center Translation Fellow, where he is translating a collection of short stories, poems, and plays from the radical humorist Sam Liptzin.