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A Focus On Life Writing

In honor of November being National Life Writing Month, in which people write about their own life and experience, we’re featuring items from our collections that showcase Yiddish life writing. These include a speech by the famed Yiddish poet Rokhl Korn about where her poetic impulse comes from, a podcast interview about growing up in New York’s Jewish labor movement, and an oral history interview about one of the oldest known Yiddish memoirs—which was written by a woman.


Handpicked Sophia Shoulson

Sophia Shoulson, second year and senior fellow at the Yiddish Book Center and the Richard S. Herman Fellow for the 2019-2020 year, graduated from Wesleyan University in 2018 and is an alumna of the Center’s 2017 Steiner Summer Yiddish Program. At Wesleyan, she double majored in German studies and Wesleyan’s interdisciplinary College of Letters, and she completed a senior thesis on the Yiddish folklore collected by Y .L. Cahan and Shmuel Lehman.