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A Focus On Peysekh (Passover)

For Peysekh (Passover), we've selected a few items from our collections: the Hi-Hat Peanut Oil Cookbook “46 Ways to Better Passover Meals”; a podcast with Jeffrey Yoskowitz, one of the founders of The Gefilteria, who speaks with us about their new take on gefilte fish; and Ellen Cassedy’s translation of Yiddish writer Yenta Mash’s “A seyder in der tayge.”


Handpicked Michael Yashinsky

Education specialist Michael Yashinsky's work at the Center ranges from teaching Yiddish to creating educational resource kits to working on the Center’s new Yiddish textbook. In addition, he's also a stage director, playwright, and actor. This month, Michael salutes long-awaited spring with these floral offerings from our collection.