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ווארשעווער געטא-אויפשטאנד : ניינצנטער אפריל 1943-1953

Ṿarsheṿer geṭo-oyfshṭand nayntsenṭer April 1943-1953

Budish, J. M, b. 1886 | Glick, Hirsch | Mark, Bernard, 1908-1966 | Schappes, Morris U, 1907- | Suhl, Yuri, 1908-1986 | Ringelblum, Emanuel, 1900-1944 | Bick, Abraham | Perle, Iehoshua, 1888-1943

This edition was published in 1953 by Faraynigṭn Ḳomiṭeṭ far dem tsenṭn yorṭog fun dem Ṿarshaṿer geṭo-oyfshṭand in [New York]. It was digitized and added to the library in January 2009.

Published in English, 132 pages.

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