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Memorial books that document Jewish life before World War II, along with vivid firsthand accounts of the Holocaust and its aftermath

פיוטרקוב טריבונלסקי והסביבה; ספר זכרון

מאלץ, יעקב, 1891- | לאו (לביא), נפתלי, 1926-

Pyeṭreḳoṿ Ṭribunalsḳi un umgegenṭ : yizkor-bukh in ondenḳ fun di barimte Yidishe ḳehiles ṿelkhe zenen tsuzamen miṭ ṭoyzenṭer fun zeyere miṭglider farnikhṭeṭ geṿorn durkh di Natsishe merder in di yorn 700-705

Maltz, Yaaḳov, 1891- | Lau-Lavie, Naftali, 1926-

This Yizkor book commemorates Piotrkow Trybunalski (Poland)

This edition was published in 1965 by [Ḥ. mo. l.] in [Tel Aviv]. It was added to the digital library in January 2017.

Published in Yiddish
600 pages.

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