Yiddish Pedagogy Certification

The Yiddish Book Center offers a Certificate in Yiddish Pedagogy for teachers who have successfully completed the Center’s programs for Yiddish educators. The Certificate in Yiddish Pedagogy demonstrates an understanding of the foundations of pedagogical theory, a commitment to developing Yiddish teaching skills through practice, and high proficiency in the Yiddish language. 

Teachers receive the Certificate upon successful completion of the following:

Yiddish Pedagogy Fellowship
Yiddish Pedagogy Practicum
Advanced Yiddish Course for Yiddish Instructors  

Teachers must apply to participate in the Fellowship and Practicum. These programs are offered on a rotating basis, so please check each program’s webpages for upcoming dates and application information. Program participants will also complete ACTFL’s Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) familiarization workshop as part of their certification. Please note that successful completion of programs entails attending all workshops and classes, submitting all written assignments, and passing any assessments given at the end of each program.  
For questions about the Certificate, or to receive email updates about these programs, contact Sylvia Peterson, associate director of education administration, at [email protected].  

If you have participated in one or more of these programs in the past and wish to be considered for certification, please contact us.  You may be asked to complete an assessment to demonstrate Yiddish level and/or be given additional work to complete to meet the current standards of our pedagogy curricula.