Field Trips

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On a field trip to the Yiddish Book Center, students immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of Yiddish language and literature while making tangible connections with the past and formulating knowledgeable questions about a dynamic, living culture. Inquiry, exploration, and dialogue serve as a springboard for broader discussions about homelands, diasporas, immigration, exile, and cultural preservation. 

Our field trips utilize object-based inquiry, organized on three principles: explore, evoke, and engage. Themes that can be explored include:

  • how Yiddish emerged as a global language spoken by many kinds of people
  • women, gender, and Yiddish
  • how Yiddish culture persevered and even flourished during and after the Holocaust
  • how Yiddish language and culture preserves essential aspects of Jewish identity while being open to growth and change
  • preserving Yiddish books and Yiddish material culture

Field trips are specifically designed for high school and college students and address the Massachusetts Department of Education’s Curriculum Frameworks. Field trips typically last between 45-90 minutes. Admission is $5 per person. Need based scholarships are available.

Please fill out our field trip request form if you are interested in bringing your high school or college class to the Center.