In eynem FAQ

Why a new Yiddish textbook?
Because interest in Yiddish is growing by leaps and bounds, and approaches to language learning are constantly evolving. In eynem combines the latest advances in language pedagogy together with newly available digital technologies and compelling graphic design.

What is the communicative method?
The communicative method is based on the idea that learning a language successfully comes through having to communicate real meaning. Students use the language as a practical tool for conversing with their classmates about their daily lives and as a vehicle through which they creatively delve into texts for cultural and artistic insights.

Who should use this textbook?
In eynem can be used in a wide variety of learning contexts: for high school, college, or adult students; for in-person or online classes, as well as for independent learners.

How much material is covered in the book?
In eynem spans six units, over 800 pages, and two volumes. The book can be completed in three semesters in a college course. All three cases (nominative, accusative, and dative) and all three tenses (past, present, and future) are covered, as are basic vocabulary and conversational topics (such as food, family, furniture, weather, clothing, etc.).

How can I access the textbook’s website and interactive materials?
Upon purchase and once you register the textbook, you’ll be emailed an access code for the textbook’s companion website and interactive materials.

Is the Yiddish Book Center teaching Yiddish?
The Yiddish Book Center continues to teach Yiddish for adult learners in YiddishSchool and for college students in the Steiner Summer Yiddish Program. If you want to know about any of our upcoming education programs, please email [email protected].

I’m not enrolled in a Yiddish class. Can an independent learner use this book? 
Yes! We believe it is ideal to study Yiddish in a classroom but recognize that many students do not have such an opportunity due to issues of availability or accessibility. For the independent learner, the textbook assumes the role of teacher, guiding and pacing students in their study. In eynem considers the diverse motivations of students, which range from academic to recreational to deeply personal, and includes the content a student will find most stimulating and relevant to them.

I am studying Yiddish with a community group. We do not have a teacher, but we still want to do partner and small-group activities. Can we use this book?
Yes! Upon purchase and once you register the textbook, email [email protected] to request access to the dedicated website housing the teacher guide and small group activity worksheets.

How much does the textbook cost? Is there a member discount?
The special introductory price for In eynem is $100. Since this is significantly lower than the cover price, the additional member discount cannot be applied.

How is the textbook shipped, and what is the shipping fee?  
Unless you elect otherwise, shipments within the US will be sent via media mail for $12 each. Delivery times for media mail vary widely. If you prefer, you can choose during checkout to have the book sent via Priority Mail for $18, which is estimated at two days for delivery within the continental US.  
Note: we will update the FAQ when we have more information about international shipping options.

Is the textbook returnable?
Given the special introductory price, In eynem is not returnable.

For teachers and bookstores:

I am a language teacher. Can I preview a sample chapter or request a desk copy for my class?
Yes. Please email [email protected] to request a sample chapter or a desk copy.

Is there a teacher guide?
Yes. Teachers who purchase the book and use it in their class will have access to the teacher guide on a dedicated website.

I’m from a college bookstore. How do I order the textbook?
College bookstores can purchase In eynem at the discounted launch price of $100 per copy in the Yiddish Book Center Museum Store. There are no additional discounts at this time. For questions, please email [email protected]g.

In eynem is made possible thanks to the generous support of Michael G. & Tatiana Reiff.