Kadia Molodowsky Reads Her Work

A Recording from 1955 at the Jewish Public Library of Montreal.

Yiddish writer and critic Abraham Tabachnik interviewed over 15 Yiddish poets in the 1950s at Montreal's Jewish Public Library. At his event with Kadia Molodowsky in 1955, she read 13 of her poems as part of that evening's program. Listen to the full recording through the Frances Brandt Online Yiddish Audio Library.

Here are two of the poems she recited: "el khanun" ["God of Mercy"] and "a lid tsu a papiros" ["A Song to a Cigarette"], accompanied by the text of each poem from her 1946 collection Der meylekh dovid aleyn iz geblibn.

Learn more about this poem and read an English translation here.

Listen to the full selection of poems Kadia Molodowsky recited and read along by clicking the corresponding title for each poem below: