Geographies of the Soul: Marjorie Agosín and Ruth Behar in Conversation on Memory, Identity, and Storytelling

A Live, Online Event Recorded Via Zoom on March 4, 2021

Two award-winning, Jewish, Latina writers, Marjorie Agosín and Ruth Behar, come together to discuss their creative writing as poets, memoirists, fiction writers, and, most recently, authors of, respectively, the young adult novels The Maps of Memory and Letters from Cuba. Join us for a lively conversation about Agosín's and Behar's spiritual and literary ties to their homelands—Agosín was raised in Chile and Behar was born in Cuba—and how their thinking about memory, identity, and storytelling has allowed them to address difficult topics such as loss, trauma, violence, social justice, immigration, and the search for home.

Co-sponsored by the Jewish Studies Program at Wellesley College.

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