Alix Wall on the Legacy of Shmerke Kaczerginski's Song, "Dos Elnte Kind"

In a conversation with filmmakers Alix Wall and Marc Smolowitz, we learn about their collaboration on The Lonely Child. Their film will tell the story of Yiddish poet Shmerke Kaczerginski’s song, “Dos Elnte Kind,” or “The Lonely Child,” which he wrote for Alix’s grandmother in 1943 while she was in the Vilna Ghetto. Alix’s vision for the film is “to engage those keeping the song alive in a dialogue, exploring the central question: just what is our responsibility to the survivors and their stories? It is not lost on me that a song will outlast all of us; a film will as well.”

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Episode 0159: "Alix Wall on the Legacy of Shmerke Kaczerginski’s Song, “Dos Elnte Kind” by YiddishBookCenter


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