Love in the Air

While Valentine’s Day has passed, love is still in the air—and our collection. This week we’re sharing stories of budding love, growing relationships, and long-lasting marriages—not all of which were love at first sight. Below are stories of first encounters!

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Singing Yiddish and Falling in Love along Santa Monica Beach

Yiddish poet and professor of education Sarah and her husband, electrical engineer Irving Moskovitz, recall their courtship, singing Yiddish songs and driving along the coast of Southern California.

Bronx Love Story

Linda Gritz and Michael Katz, Yiddish cultural activists, tell the story of how they met when he played a prank on her in their high school social studies class.

Finding Love Through the Bund

Moishe Mrocki, former president of the Jewish Labor Bund in Melbourne, Australia, and Chana Mrocki, z”l (1938-2018), primary school teacher, describe how they met through the Jewish Labor Bund youth group, SKIF.

It Started with a Blind Date

Elizabeth Schwartz and Yale Strom, musical performers, tell the story of how they met each other thanks to the machinations of Elizabeth’s mother.

Love, War, and a Car Wreck

Retired social worker Sophie Meld describes how her now husband Murray caught her eye as they carpooled home from an antiwar demonstration in 1940.