In eynem: The New Yiddish Textbook

From the Yiddish Book Center's White Goat Press

In eynem is the first fully illustrated, multimedia Yiddish textbook that uses the communicative approach to language learning. With this book, students use the language as a practical tool for conversing with their classmates about their daily lives and as a vehicle through which they creatively delve into texts for cultural and artistic insights.

Features of the Texbook

“The language being taught in 'In eynem' is rich and idiomatic from the very beginning, so that the student learns to speak not a dry, textbook Yiddish but a culturally-informed Yiddish.”   — Brukhe Lang 

In eynem

  • fully supports different types of learners (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) and multiple learning environments: in-class learning with a teacher, independent learning, online learning, and community group learning
  • incorporates a wide variety of multimedia resources (available through the textbook website), primary source historical documents, and literary texts
  • emphasizes all four areas of language learning: speaking, writing, reading, and listening
  • includes a cast of recurring characters that represent all the different types of people who speak and study Yiddish today
  • includes a teacher guide that provides detailed lesson plans to optimize the use of the book in a classroom setting, as well as functioning as a teacher training tool both for new teachers and as enrichment for experienced teachers

In eynem FAQ

Learn more about the New Yiddish Textbook with the In eynem FAQ (includes a special FAQ for teachers and bookstores). 

Ordering Information

In eynem is available through the Yiddish Book Center’s Museum Store. Click here to view sample pages of the book. You can order here.

If you are teaching at a college or university and would like to request a desk copy or a full sample chapter, please email [email protected].

What Yiddish-Language Instructors are Saying About the Book

"A Revolution in Yiddish-Language Pedagogy": Introducing The New Yiddish Textbook: The Yiddish Book Center's podcast, The Shmooze, interviews Asya Vaisman Schulman about the new Yiddish textbook

An interview with one of the creators of In eynemIn eynem’s Communicative Approach to Yiddish Pedagogy: An Interview with Asya Vaisman Schulman

"'In eynem' is nothing less than a revolution in Yiddish-language pedagogy." —Rebecca Margolis

“In eynem is nothing less than a revolution in Yiddish language pedagogy. Its engaging, interactive approach fosters a community of learning that bridges time as well as space, whether in a university classroom, community setting, or individual study . . . Beautifully illustrated throughout and complemented by rich online resources, In eynem is a twenty-first-century Yiddishland for teachers and learners alike.” —Rebecca Margolis, Monash University

“I’ve been looking forward to a textbook such as In eynem for a long time, a book that presents rich materials with which to teach Yiddish using the communicative approach: splendid colorful pictures that facilitate teaching vocabulary without relying on English translations; exercises that create a communicative context for new vocabulary and structures; audio-visual materials that grow in complexity with the learner’s increasing language mastery. And that’s not all! A detailed Teacher Guide provides teachers with advice, instructions, and inspiration. Clear explanations assist the independent learner in benefiting from the communicative materials. Detailed vocabulary and grammar summaries provide a traditional support structure for this utterly innovative textbook.” —Brukhe Lang, Johns Hopkins University

In eynem is made possible thanks to the generous support of Michael G. & Tatiana Reiff.